As California Institute of Integral Studies’ valued alumni, it is a pleasure to welcome you to Alumni Relations at CIIS. You are in good company! You now join more than 9,500 alumni, who are leaders and innovators in 49 different countries around the world.

While this year has been like no other, still there are stories from alumni, just like you, who are doing powerful work through the course of their professional careers as a result of their transformative educational experiences at CIIS. You are a part of this unique place that has profoundly shaped and inspired meaningful avocation in therapeutic practices, healthcare, ecology, cultural understanding, social justice and spirituality. This revolutionary influence throughout your careers in our community shapes—and heals—our world by redefining what it means to be human in a rapidly changing world, both individually and collectively!

Our intention is to add value to your experience as an alumnus of CIIS. In partnership with departments across CIIS, like the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, we feature new alumni voices. We put you in touch with alumni programming designed to provide quality support to you in finding new opportunities to meet your professional goals. You can keep your professional skills current by discounted attendance in one of our certificate programs, including Psychedelic Therapies, Sex Therapy, and Intersectionality & Equity in Therapeutic Practices Certificate (IETPC).

• Attend more than 120 workshops, talks, and performances annually hosted by the outstanding faculty and alumni presenters at CIIS
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We warmly thank you for being a CIIS ambassador and for your contributions to changing our world from the inside out.

CIIS Cares What You Think

In 2020, Alumni Relations conducted the first full survey since 2015 and we heard you.

“My degree brought me into contact with such a rich world of ideas and ways of seeing. I particularly value the spiritual context of so much of what is on offer at CIIS. I attended public programs on Tibetan Buddhism and Shamanism as well as completing my EXA Masters and all these opportunities to study enriched my life in a way that keeps on evolving nearly 20 years after I graduated.” –Sophie Waterhouse, EXA '01

If you feel confident that CIIS was the right institution for you, then you’re among the 79.98% of CIIS alumni surveyed, who either agree or strongly agree they feel that way, too.

A majority of CIIS alumni (75.39%) would definitely recommend CIIS to others, and 83.36% either agree or strongly agree that they are satisfied overall with the quality of their education. We couldn’t be happier that you feel that way! 

In fact, we learned a great deal about your careers:

25.33% of CIIS alumni work in the Non-Profit sector, and
14.64% work in the For-Profit sector
• A significant number of you are self-employed, with the highest concentration of 32.96% of you reporting your employment is as a “Counselor, Therapist, or Psychologist.”

Congrats to you for being a part of the values-based education that you bring to the world through your professional life.

Alumni Notes

If you have written a book, launched a new business, been featured in an article, have job leads to share or have made a career change, we would love for you to share your great news with our CIIS Alumni Community by sending us an Alumni Note.  Just send us 3 or 4 lines with a high resolution photo at least 300 dpi to alumni@ciis.edu

Alumni Notes

Adriana Beltrame dos Santos

Adriana Beltrame dos Santos Keller, EWP MA, ‘18
Interim Program Coordinator, CIIS ODI
Adjuct Faculty, BA in Interdisciplinary Studies
Lead Instructor, Summer Bridge Program

Adriana was born in Brazil, where she studied Visual Arts and Interdisciplinary Education. Read below for her journey to CIIS.

At CIIS, Adriana joined the Center for Writing and Scholarship as a writing fellow; the Bridge Program as a mentor and coordinator; the BA in Interdisciplinary Studies as an adjunct faculty; and the Summer Bridge Program as lead instructor, where, for the past three years, she has developed the program’s curriculum and taught both international and domestic new students.

In 2018, she joined other EWP students and faculty in a summer research trip to Auroville, India, where she visited Integral Education schools and developed a cross-border Integral Education project.

Outside of CIIS, Adriana has worked with social justice and community resourcing at the Center for Empowering Refugees and Immigrants. A grantee recipient in the "Wellness in Action" program for two consecutive years, she developed community mental health projects and facilitated skill-building and process groups for Brazilian immigrant populations in the Bay Area.

Additionally, she holds a private practice where she offers Integral Writing and Creativity, Integral Astrology and Tarot Reading sessions.

Currently, Adriana brings her interdisciplinary work to the Office of Diversity and Inclusion at CIIS as the department’s Program Coordinator, while continuing to teach at the Bridge Program.

Adriana’s Journey to CIIS

Shakti Butler 280x280

Shakti Butler, Ph.D., TLR '02, Filmmaker, Founder, and President at World Trust Services, is making some exciting connections and working on some really cool projects. Her current film/dialogue project, Healing Justice: Cultivating a World of Belonging, is intended to popularize a national conversation about justice, responsibility and healing. Check out her latest video.

Dr. Jeanine Canty, Ph.D., TLC ’07

Dr. Jeanine Canty, Ph.D., TLC ’07, is a new core faculty member in the CIIS Transformative Inquiry Department. Jeanine comes to us after fourteen years at Naropa University, a Buddhist inspired institution, where she was professor and chair of the Environmental Studies Department. Prior to that she was core faculty at Prescott College, a liberal arts institution. Jeanine is also a licensed meditation instructor. A lover of nature, justice, and contemplative practice, her teaching intersects issues of social and ecological justice connected to the process of worldview expansion and positive change.

Jeanine has published numerous journal articles and is both editor and a contributor to the book Ecological and Social Healing: Multicultural Women’s Voices as well as Globalism and Localization: Emergent Approaches to Ecological and Social Crises. She has just completed a new book which focuses on our collective narcissism, the ecological crisis, and healing (Shambhala Publications, 2022).


Dr. Fernando Castrillon, Psy.D., CLN, '08
CIIS Core Faculty, CMH & SPPH

Dr. Fernando Castrillon earned an M.A. in Sociology from the University of California and a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from CIIS. In addition to his private practice, he serves as Professor in the Community Mental Health Department. He is the founding director of CIIS' The Clinic Without Walls.

Dr. Castrillon is also a personal and supervising psychoanalyst, Editor-in-Chief of the European Journal of Psychoanalysis and has previously served on the editorial boards of the journals Ecopsychology and Universitas Psychologicas among others. He is a member of the Institute for Advanced Studies in Psychoanalysis (based in Rome, Italy), serves as faculty with the Psychoanalytic Institute of Northern California (PINC) and is on the Board of Directors for the Berkeley Psychoanalytic Society. His clinical, teaching, and research interests include the production of subjectivity (both human and more-than-human), psychoanalysis, community mental health, ecopsychology, poststructuralist social/cultural theory, schizoanalysis, liberatory politics, cosmology, entheogens, the impact of hypervelocity technological change on human subjectivity, the intersection of critical social theory and psychoanalysis, contemporary approaches to the treatment of psychosis, xenopsychology, violent political movements, war, terrorism and revolution.

In 2014, he published a co-edited book with Doug Vakoch, Ecopsychology, Phenomenology and the Environment: The Experience of Nature: Springer Press. Recent articles include: “No Leaders/No Masses: Virtuality,” and “Contemporary Group Life in the Shadow of Freud,” and “Denying Death its Due: Ecological Discourse, Technology & the Unconscious.” His latest book, Coronavirus, Psychoanalysis, and Philosophy: Conversations on Pandemics, Politics, and Society, co-edited with Dr. Thomas Marchevsky (current director of the Clinic Without Walls), was published by Routledge Press in 2021.

Dr. Castrillon maintains a private psychoanalytic practice in the East Bay.

Isauro M. Escamilla Calan

Isauro M. Escamilla Calan, MA, BIS '05, is Vice-President of the non-profit, Supporting the Advancement of Learning Stories in America. Until last year, in addition to Isauro’s primary job as an early childhood educator in a dual language program, he was adjunct faculty at San Francisco State University working with undergraduate students.

Currently, besides working as a preschool teacher, Isauro is a student in the Educational Leadership Doctoral program at SFSU (Ed.D in Educational Leadership) and a member of the Governing Board of the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). He has written a few articles for Voices of Practitioners, an online NAEYC Journal of teacher research in early childhood education and recently joined the executive editorial board of this journal.

Sue Ferrer 280x280

Sue Ferrer, PDT '05, provides individual and group coaching and has a new YouTube Channel.

Joseh Garcia 280x280

Dr. Joseh Garcia, Ph.D., EWP  '04 & '10, "CIIS has offered me the opportunity to explore my interests in psychology, spirituality, and music. It furthered my skills in psychology as it widened my knowledge of diverse spiritual paths. Additionally, it strengthened my critical thinking and expanded my creativity. My worldview became vaster which gave birth to new professional and artistic expressions in my life that I hadn't anticipated. CIIS is for those who aspire to act in the world from a deep place within." Visit Dr. Joseh Garcia's website.

Martina Grzmot 280x280

After graduating from CIIS, Martina Grzmot, SOM ’19, moved to the South Bay and worked at Uplift Family Services providing therapy to young children in Santa Clara County through the First Five program. She also supported children and youth at risk of losing placement through the Placement Supportive Services program and later joined Shine a Light Counseling Center where she still has some individual clients.

Martina is currently back in San Francisco, working at Instituto Familiar de la Raza, providing mental health consultation for the Early Intervention Team. She is also providing coaching to support well-being in organizations and aims to establish a practice as a consultant.

Erica Linson PCC280x280

Kudos to Erica Linson, PCC ‘03, who was featured in an article about healing energy medicine in the Idaho Mountain Express.

Angela Luna rev 280x280

Angela Luna, EXA ’12, also holds a Jurist Doctorate from the University of California at Davis. Over the last decade, Luna has acted as Manager, Supervisor, Didactic trainer, and Lead Clinician at the Alameda County Trauma Recovery Center, Program Developer, Trainer, and EXA Clinician in the Contra Costa hospital system and Alameda County School District and EXA Therapist for A Step Forward, Inc, serving complex cases of sexual abuse and sexual assault.

Specializing in holistic Expressive Arts Therapy and Complex Trauma, Luna also provides classes, workshops, and trainings in Expressive Arts Therapy, Mindfulness Trauma/PTSD, Vicarious Trauma and Trauma-Informed Care, Nature-based healing, amongst other topics. Coming from a Mexican heritage, Luna also feels inspired to provide bilingual therapy services and classes.

Sonia Manjon 280x247

Dr. Sonia BasSheva Mañjon, Ph.D. , HOT' 99/TLC '04, is the Executive Director and Principal Consultant of LeaderSpring Center, a 24-year organization that has invested in the extraordinary talent, dedication, and vision of progressive leaders in the California.

She is also on faculty at USF's Graduate Nonprofit Administration and Cal State East Bay's Certificate in Nonprofit Management programs.

Possessing a deep commitment to racial and gender equity, social justice, and decades of experience leading systemic change, Dr. Mañjon’s career spans 30 years in higher education, nonprofit management, government administration, and public and private sector consulting.

Ali PsiukSOM280x280

Ali Psiuk, SOM ’14, has written a new book Breakdown, A Therapist’s Journey of Losing It and Finding It. Ali states, “I wrote this book as a love letter to validate the experience of those struggling with mental illness and to contribute to the dialogue on destigmatizing and decriminalizing mental health.” In its first week, the book earned Amazon #1 Best Seller badges in 5 different categories and 6 #1 New Release badges.

Erin Raber

Sound Voice Healing alumna, Erin Raber, joins the Virginia Thurston Healing Garden Cancer Support Center, according to the Harvard Press.


Katharine Ransom 380x580

Dr. Katharine Ransom, Ph.D., TSD ’20, has been keeping herself very busy since she graduated. Katharine became an Arena Virginia Staff Fellow and started working on the finance team for Alex Askew for Delegate (VA-85). She also started a new position as a Research Assistant for the non-profit, Understood, and will be working on their guidebook for those with thinking and learning differences. Most importantly, she has written a chapter in Global Perspectives on Motherhood, Mothering, and Masculinities from Demeter Press that was released in July 2021.

Marguerite_Rigoglioso 280x280

Dr. Marguerite Rigoglioso, Ph.D., WSE '01/HUM '07, has a new book launch! The Mystery Tradition of Miraculous Conception: Mary and the Lineage of Virgin Births. Available in print, Audible & Kindle formats!

Rosina Roibal 280x280

Rosina Roibal, EXA '16, received her MFT license in November 2019.  She is currently a bilingual clinician working with teenagers on probation, doing both individual and family therapy in the Multi-Dimensional Family Therapy Program at Lincoln Families. 

Rosina also started her private practice a couple of months ago, specializing in expressive arts, trauma recovery, and addiction recovery. She continues to work towards figuring out how to provide services to low-income people of color while also sustaining herself and avoiding burnout. Read more about Rosina in her Psychology Today bio.

Erika Shershun 280x280

Erika Shershun, SOM ’14, recently published a book, Healing Sexual Trauma Workbook, by New Harbinger. Shershun, an LMFT and supervisor in private practice in San Francisco, is passionate about getting the needed tools that eluded her for so long into the hands of all survivors. The scars of sexual trauma run deep, existing not only in the brain, but also in the body. Drawing on the powerful mind-body techniques of somatic therapy, the Healing Sexual Trauma Workbook is a step-by-step guide to overcoming the physical and psychological effects of sexual trauma, increasing positive body awareness, and restoring a sense of safety, hope, and vitality.

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