Student Affairs

Take advantage of a range of resources to support you in all aspects of your personal and academic journey, from career development to health and wellness, accessibility services, and more.

Student Affairs is an advocate for students and fosters their holistic development. We honor their individual experiences and desires and work with them to maximize their personal development, academic pursuits, and professional goals. Their wellness and success is our primary focus.

We also respond to the welfare needs and conduct issues of our students. Student Affairs is a multifunctional department that provides services to students through various offices including Disability, Student Advocacy, and the Wellness Center.

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Student Services

Our team is here to guide and advocate for you throughout your time at CIIS.

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Health & Wellness

Our campus resources help students find balance and maintain a sense of mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.

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Disability Services

We work hard to ensure that all students enjoy equal access to the full range of programs, services, and experiences that CIIS offers.

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Student Advocacy

The Dean of Students is personally available and committed to ensuring each CIIS student has a positive experience and an outlet for conflict resolution.