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Tuition and Fees

Financing Your Future: Your Greatest Investment is You.  A CIIS education is an investment that will pay off throughout the course of your life.

Your Investment Is Our Top Priority

An integral education from CIIS represents not only an investment in your future, but also your intellectual development and personal growth. We are committed to helping students from all economic backgrounds access, fund, and fulfill their academic dreams.

Every person and family is unique, and we are here to help you through the application process and provide financial advice to help manage the cost of your education.

Tuition and Fees are for 2023-24


Tuition and fees are subject to change each semester.


  • Per Unit$911
    Package Price (12-18 units)$10,927 (Package price does not include units taken in audit status)
  • Per Unit$1,285
    MCP 7603A/B Post-Practicum$65
    Thesis Proposal Writing or Completion$2,944
    Dissertation Seminar/Research$2,944
  • Per Unit$1,485
    Clinical Psychology Dissertation Continuance$4,034
    Clinical Psychology Full-Time Internship$947
    Clinical Psychology Half-Time Internship$485
    Clinical Psychology Practicum$485
    Comprehensive Examination$4,034
    Dissertation Proposal Writing or Completion$4,034
    Dissertation Seminar$4,034
    Dissertation Publication$466
  • Payment plans are offered at no additional cost. The specific details of these payment plans will be sent out as part of a welcome packet once the application period is over and all applicants are accepted. If you have questions, please contact

    Climate Psychology Certificate
    Application Fee (non-refundable)$50
    Program Fee (Sliding Scale)$4,000-$6,000
    CIIS Student Discount (current and former)25% Discount ($1000 off)
    Sex Therapy Certificate
    Application Fee (non-refundable)$50
    Program Fee$7,000
    CIIS Student Discount (current and former)20% Discount ($1400 off)
  • Below are the certificate tuition fees for 2023-2024 cohort. 

    When an applicant is offered admission to the 2023-2024 program, $500 is due within two weeks of the offer of admission or by June 22, 2023, whichever comes first. This enrollment deposit will secure your space in the program.

    Certificate in Psychedelic-Assisted Therapies & Research
    Application Fee (non-refundable)$150
    Program Fee (Sliding Scale)$8,900
  • Auditing Students (non-credit) per unit$362 per unit
  • Per UnitBased on Division Rate (see above)
    Special Student Audit Rate$362 per unit
    Special Students Alumni Audit Rate$177 per unit


All fees are nonrefundable.

  • Admissions Fees

    Graduate/Undergraduate Students Application Fee$65
    Application Fee for Public Programs Certificate$50
    Application Fee for CPTR Certificate$150
    Undergraduate Enrollment Deposit (applied to tuition charges)$125
    Graduate Enrollment Deposit (applied to tuition charges)$300-500

    Graduation Application Fees

    Graduation Application Fee$115
    Thesis/Dissertation Publication Fee-Traditional$200
    Thesis/Dissertation Publication Fee- Open Access$300
    Certificate Completion$35

    Payment Fees

    Deferred Tuition Payment Plan$50
    Late Deferred Payment Installment Fee$50
    Late Tuition Payment Fee$120

    Registration Fees

    Registration Fee$85
    Late Registration Fee$150
    Technology Fee$100
    Student Wellness Fee$55
    Registration Maintenance: Dissertation Publication (DISS 900)$450

    Course Fees or Retreat Accommodation Fees

    (These fees are subject to change. Please check with your program manager.)

    Women's Spirituality Retreat


    Retreat/Intensive (off-site) Double Occupancy$500
    Retreat/Intensive (off-site) Single Occupancy$625

    Integral Counseling Psychology Weekend Program Retreat at Mount Madonna Center

    (Mandatory for all 1st and 2nd year students)

    Dorm (4-7 person occupancy)$785

    Retreat Fees

    EWP 6000: East-West Community Retreat fee$400
    Somatic Psychology Retreat (online event)$0
    Somatic Psychology Retreat 2 (online event)$0
    PARP 6748: Nature and Eros$485
    Drama Therapy PDT 7700: Integrative Seminar (varies by student)$150-360
    Expressive Arts Therapy (EXA) Retreat Intensive: Cost per semester for 6-day in-person intensive at retreat site (Urban Adamah Retreat Center)$900
    Expressive Arts Therapy (EXA) Retreat Intensive Part-Time Student 2nd semester:$600
    Integrative Health Studies (IHL) Retreat Intensive (mandatory): Cost per semester for 5-day in-person intensive at retreat site (Green Mountain Retreat Center)$800
    Philosophy, Cosmology, Consciousness (PCC) Program Retreat. Virtual for Fall 2023.(dates, location, cost tbd)
    Integral and Transpersonal Psychology Residential Intensive 7001-7006. Please plan for single occupancy. Fall in-person intensive.$1,325
    Transformative Leadership and Transformative Studies TLD/TSD 6001, 6002, 6003, 6004$0

    Service Fees

    Change of Degree Program Fee$100
    Returned Check Fee$30
    ID Card Replacement Fee$10
    Diploma or Transcript Apostille Fee$50

    Transcript Fees (per transcript)

    Electronic Transcript (processed within two business days)$10
    Hard-Copy Transcript 
    Regular Service (processed within 10 business days)$15
    Bulk Service (one order of 10 or more)$4
    Rush Service (Bulk Service not available for Rush Service)$25

Payment Policies

  • Enrollment constitutes a financial contract between the student and CIIS. Students are responsible for paying all tuition and fee charges associated with their enrollment in a given term at the time they register, but no later than the published payment deadline. Students’ rights to CIIS services and benefits are contingent upon their making all payments as agreed upon. If payments of amounts owed are not made when they are due, CIIS has the right to cancel a student’s registration and/or administratively withdraw the student from the current term without grades, diplomas, scholastic certificates, and degrees; and impound final exams. Failure to maintain good financial standing with CIIS will cause students to become ineligible for deferred payment plans and/or some forms of financial aid. In addition, balances due to the University will be reported to credit agencies, which may impact students’ credit ratings.

  • Prior to registering for a new term, students must pay any outstanding balances owed from any preceding terms. Students who do not pay their outstanding balances or make payment arrangements satisfactory to the CIIS will not be permitted to register.

  • Beginning in fall semester of the 2021–2022 academic year, in order to register for classes, you will be required to complete a Financial Responsibility Agreement (FRA) to acknowledge your responsibility to pay for tuition, fees, and other charges related to your education at CIIS. This is required even if you are expecting financial aid, the Veterans Administration (VA), your employer, or another third party to pay for your tuition and fees. The FRA is to help ensure that you understand the financial responsibilities of enrolling in classes at CIIS. It outlines expectations for payments, placement of holds on your account, and the possible use of third-party agents to collect past due amounts. By reading and signing the FRA, you acknowledge that you have considered the cost of your education and understand your responsibility for paying that cost. When you log in to register, you will be prompted to read and sign the FRA in order to proceed to register for classes.

  • CIIS accepts payments by cash, check, wire transfer, money order, debit card, or credit card (VISA, American Express, Discover, and MasterCard).

    To make a payment online, log into Colleague Self-Service and click Student Finance, then proceed to click “Account Summary” to view the outstanding balance owed on your student account. After viewing the balance, click “Make a Payment” to proceed with making a payment. Note: If you have been awarded Student Financial Aid and the aid amount does not yet appear on your account, please contact the Financial Aid Office to resolve the matter. If a third-party (for example, Veterans Administration, Department of Rehabilitation) has guaranteed payment of your tuition and fees, and credits are not showing on your account, please provide the Office of Student Accounts with the guarantor’s letter of guarantee. If you are a veteran, please make sure you discuss benefits with the Financial Aid Office.

  • Tuition and fees are charged when you register for the class. Charges vary depending on the current academic semester. All students should refer to the Academic Calendar for tuition payment deadlines for all semesters.

    If you have been awarded Student Financial Aid and it covers only a portion of the total charges, you must pay the balance at the time you register, but no later than the first day of the semester to avoid late fees and cancellation of classes.

    Payment of tuition and fees is due by the first day of the semester. Payment can be made directly by you, covered by student financial aid, or guaranteed by a third party (Veterans Administration, Department of Rehabilitation, employer, or other organization). When you register for a class, you are submitting to the Registrar’s Office your intention to complete a course or courses.

    If you owe a balance greater than $200 and have not secured credit from the University by the first day of the semester, you will be charged a late payment fee of $120 and risk having your class registration canceled.

  • In accordance with Title 38 US Code 3679 subsection €, CIIS adopts the following provisions for any students using US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Post 9/11 G.I. Bill (ch.33) or Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment (Ch.31) benefits, while payment to CIIS is pending from the VA. CIIS will not do the following:

    • Prevent the student’s enrollment.
    • Assess a late payment penalty fee.
    • Require the student to secure alternative or additional funding.
    • Deny student access to any resources (access to classes, libraries, or other CIIS facilities) available to other students who have satisfied their tuition and fee bills. 

    To qualify for this provision, such students may be required to do the following:

    • Submit the Certificate of Eligibility on or before the first day of class.
    • Provide additional information needed to properly certify the enrollment and ascertain eligibility for Post 9/11 or Chapter 31 benefits.
  •  Fall 2023Spring 2024Summer 2024

    Semester Begins

    Audit Registration Opens

    Tuition Payment Deadline08/31/2301/16/2405/28/24
    Add Deadline; Grade Option Selection Deadline09/12/2301/23/2406/04/24
    Drop Deadline to withdraw and receive 100% refund09/19/2301/30/2406/11/24
    Deadline to withdraw and receive 75% refund09/26/2302/06/2406/18/24
    Graduation Application Deadline09/27/2302/08/2406/19/24
    Deadline to withdraw and receive 50% refund10/24/2303/05/2407/02/24
    Semester Ends12/18/2305/06/2408/05/24
  •  Fall 2023Spring 2024Summer 2024

    Semester Begins

    Audit Registration Opens

    Tuition Payment Deadline08/31/2301/08/2405/06/24
    Add Deadline; Grade Option Selection Deadline09/12/2301/16/2405/13/24
    Drop Deadline to withdraw and receive 100% refund09/19/2301/23/2405/20/24
    Deadline to withdraw and receive 75% refund09/26/2301/30/2405/28/24
    Graduation Application Deadline09/27/2302/08/2406/19/24
    Deadline to withdraw and receive 50% refund10/24/2302/27/2406/25/24
    Semester Ends12/18/2304/22/2408/19/24
  • The Deferred Payment Plan allows students to pay their total semester charges in equal installments. A $50 fee is charged for this service. To sign up for the Deferred Payment Plan, log in to Self-Service

    1. Click “Student Finance” tile
    2. Click “Make a Payment”
    3. Click “Continue to Payment Center”
    4. Under Student Account, click “Enroll in Payment Plan” button

    Financial Aid Important Deadlines 2022-2023: School of Professional Psychology and Health and School of Consciousness and Transformation

     Fall 2021Spring 2022Summer 2022
    Financial aid disbursement begins: 1st Installment Payment due for payment plan (late fee of $120 applies thereafter)09/01/2201/17/2305/30/23
    De-registration for non-payment deadline09/2/2201/18/2305/31/23
    2nd Installment Payment due for payment plan (late fee of $50 applies thereafter)10/03/2202/17/2306/30/23
    3rd Installment Payment due for payment plan (late fee of $50 applies thereafter)11/03/2203/17/23n/a

    Financial Aid Important Deadlines 2022 -23: School of Undergraduate Studies and American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine

     Fall 2021Spring 2022Summer 2022
    Financial aid disbursement begins: 1st Installment Payment due for payment plan (late fee of $120 applies thereafter)09/01/2201/09/2305/09/23
    De-registration for non-payment deadline09/2/2201/10/2305/10/23
    2nd Installment Payment due for payment plan (late fee of $50 applies thereafter)10/03/2202/09/2306/09/23
    3rd Installment Payment due for payment plan (late fee of $50 applies thereafter)11/03/2203/09/2307/10/23
  • One hundred percent of a course’s tuition charge is reversed if the course is withdrawn from on or before the Add/Drop Deadline. Seventy-five percent is reversed if it is withdrawn from through the third week of the semester. Fifty percent is reversed if it is withdrawn from through the seventh week (the fifth week for summer). No percentage is reversed for courses withdrawn from after the seventh week (the fifth week for summer). Refer to the Academic Calendar for the specific deadlines. These deadlines apply regardless of the actual start and end dates of the course.

    For students who received any form of federal financial aid, the amount that will be returned to the financial aid programs is determined by federal guidelines and may be different than the amount calculated by CIIS’ refund policy. Contact the Financial Aid Office for more information about this calculation.

    All fees are nonrefundable. The only exception is when the student has dropped all of their courses by the Drop Deadline, in which case the Technology Fee and the Wellness Fees are discharged. If it is the first semester of the student’s program, the Registration Fee is also discharged.

    Refund Deadlines for Students Residing in Oregon

    The following refund guidelines are applicable only to residents of Oregon who are attending CIIS:

    1. Partial refunds are applicable through the middle week of a given term.
    2. For a 15-week semester, a student would be eligible to receive a prorated tuition refund through week eight.

    The chart below outlines the percentage of refund that an Oregon student will be eligible for, should they decide to drop a course(s) during this timeframe.

    Percent of Tuition RefundedWeek of TermRefund Required?

    Refunds Granted After Refund Deadlines—Financial Petition Process

    Students who believe they have extenuating circumstances warranting a credit, refund, or adjustment of tuition and/or fees may present a Financial Petition to the Financial Petition Committee (FPC).

    The FPC considers a request only if all of the following are in place: (1) The student experienced a serious extenuating circumstance beyond their control; and (2) the student includes an explanation of this circumstance along with supporting documentation—this documentation becomes the property of CIIS and will not be returned; and (3) if petitioning to receive a reversal of a tuition charge, the associated course has been dropped or withdrawn from; and (4) the petition is submitted within 90 calendar days of the last day of the semester in which the charge was incurred.

    The petition and its attachments will remain confidential and be seen only by members of the FPC, which is composed of representatives from the following offices: Student Affairs, Registrar, Student Accounts, and Financial Aid. The FPC may, with the petitioner’s permission, consult with any faculty, staff, students, or other parties who may have relevant information. The FPC may request additional supporting materials from the student or, if the student consents, from other parties. The student is not present when the FPC meets. The FPC issues its decision within 30 calendar days of receiving all documentation, informs the student and any University personnel who need to take action to implement the decision, and places documentation of the petition and the decision in the student’s file maintained in the Registrar’s Office.

    The decision of the FPC is final. Reconsideration is granted only if significant information not contained in the original petition becomes available. Students do, however, have the option of seeking further consideration of a petition through the CIIS General Student Complaint Procedure.

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