Notable Alumni

We are a dynamic community, with over 10,000 alumni in more than 50 countries who are leaders and innovators making a significant impact in their fields. 

CIIS is proud to celebrate all its graduates who have gone on to establish careers in a wide variety of careers, transforming the way the individuals and groups understand health, consciousness, education, ecology, world wisdom and culture, and more. Some of our alumni have generously shared their stories here, so that you can learn more about how a CIIS education impacts communities around the globe.

CIIS Graduates Feature

Our graduates share how they are bringing change and making meaning.

Astrologer Chani Nicholas makes bold moves with a Netflix series, a best selling book, and a queer, feminist-led tech and media company.

From Pulitzer Prize winning Broadway plays to DEI executive leadership and consulting, Dr. Philip McAdoo cultivates creative futures and more inclusive community.

Jessica DiVento Dzuban, Global Head of Mental Health for YouTube, talks about her mission to bring the highest quality mental health content to users worldwide.

Activist scholar and writer Dr. Talia Molé shares her radical research on queering motherhood and the model of the mother.

Radical activist Kevonya Elzia shares how “healing is a pathway to justice” and her personal journey at CIIS from one-on-one healing to systemic healing. 

Alumna Dr. Shefali Tsabary, who shared her Mindful Parenting techniques with Oprah, shares how CIIS' Drama Therapy program sent her on a journey of self-awareness and introspection.