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Raising the Bar for Research and Global Impact

CIIS’s research centers and related global initiatives explore new dimensions of thought and practice across fields and disciplines, from Psychedelic Therapies to Contemplative Studies to Black and Indigenous Praxis. Our culture of innovation and collaboration drives discoveries, advocacy, and activism critical to the health and resilience of ourselves, society, and the world.

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Center for Psychedelic Therapies and Research

Psychedelic-assisted therapy is poised to revolutionize mental wellbeing, and CIIS is leading the way. As we move closer to the legalization of psychedelic-assisted therapies, CIIS has reaffirmed its commitment to safe, innovative, and effective care.

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Blue Sky Leaders Program

The Blue Sky Leaders Program cultivates a new breed of leader, grounded in the convergence of personal transformation, global consciousness, and creative impact. At the frontiers of knowledge, this dynamic new program transcends the limitations of traditional leadership training, fusing cutting-edge neuroscience, new cosmology, contemplative practice, and transformative leadership principles into a rich tapestry of learning and exploration. 

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Center for Black and Indigenous Praxis

In an effort to balance the historical influence of Eurocentric scholarship, CBIP seeks to promote Black and Indigenous ways of knowing and living by equipping scholars with the tools and community they need to engage in rigorous and reparative scholarship.

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Applied Psychology in Mandarin

CIIS has partnered with the Zijing Education Group in China to respond to the country’s fast growing need and desire for professionally trained mental health experts. CIIS now offers an online Master of Arts in Applied Psychology, taught exclusively in Mandarin.