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Voices of Our Flourishing Community

CIIS celebrates each of the diverse voices that make our University such a unique and transformative place to learn and grow. The stories featured on this page represent some of those myriad voices, with their many different passions, wisdoms, and abilities. What unites them is CIIS, where our Seven Commitments have long ensured that all of our students can come together to create a bright future for all. We invite you to listen to these stories and imagine what your own bright future looks like, and how you can make it happen. 


Connecting Deeply

On advancing justice and equity through community

Actively creating the communities, relationships, and systems that make us a world we want to live in.”

Alka Arora, Women's Spirituality, Associate Professor

I see ... a world in which we are united in working against systemic oppression and in which we are successful.”

Anna Corwin, Women's Spirituality, Associate Professor

I see an amazing scholarship for indigenous folks ... dreams coming to fruition a little bit sooner.”

Preston Vargas, Director, Center for Black and Indigenous Praxis

Healing for Wholeness

On the compassion and care needed to bring about whole-person wellness

I imagine my bright future to be healing intergenerational trauma.”

Kini Chang, Chair/Professor, Community Mental Health

The bright future is understanding that our bodies are a way to become ... more connected with one another”

Rae Johnson, Professor, Ph.D. Somatic Pyschology

My bright future is forms of psychoanalysis that are the most wild and creative, the most inclusive.”

Lani Chow, Associate Professor, Clinical Psychology Psy.D.

Transforming the World

On how CIIS brings innovation and wisdom to global innovation

My bright future is to work as a psychologist in Italy, and I want to open a clinic for asylum seekers and immigrants.”

Anna Franchi, Class of 2023, Clinical Psychology Psy.D.

My bright future is advancing consciousness and transformation here at CIIS.”

Brock Blomberg, President, Office of the President

We continue to attract the great minds and hearts that will take humanity and our communities beyond what's already been done...”

Rachel Bryant, Vice President, Division of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Reimagining Education

On making scholarship equitable and inclusive with integral approaches

What I hope to do with completion of my doctorate, is take this wisdom forward and give it to folks...”

Cecilee Heath, Class of 2026, Ph.D. Somatic Pyschology

A bright future for me takes the best of the past and builds upon it.”

David S. B. Mitchell, Assistant Professor, Ph.D. Integral Transpersonal Psychology

A bright future to me is a world in which people understand that education doesn't look one way.”

Drisana 'Dru' McDaniel, Class of 2025, Women's Spirituality

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