Sadhana Stupar EWP BIO DETAIL Sadhana Stupar

PhD Student
East-West Psychology

Sadhana received her MA in East-West Psychology from CIIS in May 2013, with a concentration in Spiritual Counseling and Jungian Psychology.  She is continuing her studies in the EWP PhD program, focusing on the narratives and archetypal experiences of adoptees born into the post-WWII closed adoption system.  Sadhana brings her extensive experience as a craniosacral therapist to her doctoral work, integrating the somatic perspective with narrative research, pre- and perinatal psychology, Jungian archetypes, mythology, and storytelling.

Sadhana is offering craniosacral therapy in her new office located in the Hobart Building at Market and 2nd in San Francisco, and will also be re-opening an office in the South Bay.  Her specialties include migraine, dental problems, newborn breastfeeding challenges, somatic-emotional integration of traumatic experience, and narrative healing.  In addition, Sadhana offers individual and small group training in craniosacral therapy for students and health care professionals. 

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