The East-West Psychology department offers three certificates in conjunction with our graduate programs. These certificates are designed for students to gain practical experience in conjunction with their academic work and can be completed alongside and applied to the doctorate or master’s programs. 

Spiritual Counseling Certificate

The certificate in Spiritual Counseling is designed to provide a foundation for students working as therapists, counselors, coaches, and caregivers to navigate spiritual and existential questions related to meaning and purpose, the nature of reality, and the sacred dimension of life for those they serve. 

The 18-unit Spiritual Counseling Certificate requires six core courses, and then six electives each on Applied Skills and Applied Wisdom. 

The certificate is not a licensure program and does not prepare students to offer licensed psychotherapeutic or clinical counseling services.

Eco-Resilience Leadership Certificate

The certificate in Eco-Resilience Leadership offers students the knowledge and mentoring to address the psychological effects of global ecological crises. Students learn practices and models for helping people move from passivity, trauma, and other counter-productive states into responses that blend deep reflection with thoughtful action on behalf of earth-honoring forms of eco-resilient community. 

Students are required to complete 12 units, consisting of six units of core courses and six units of directed electives. When students enroll in the certificate program, Eco-Resilience Leadership becomes their area of specialization.

Yoga Studies Certificate

The certificate in Yoga Studies is designed to deepen our students' understanding of the various psychological models, practices, and goals in the field of yoga. Students will gain a broad historical overview of the traditions of Indian yoga and the historical, philosophical, and practical context, structure and content of the Yoga Sutra.

Students are required to complete 15 units of coursework, including: one foundational course, one course in Yoga Sutra, one course each on traditional and modern yoga, and one on meditation.