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East-West Psychology

Martin J. Silva, EWP MA 2016,  is a trilingual licensed psychotherapist, spiritual counselor, writer, and singer-songwriter. His work in this world is about supporting people's paths toward health, wholeness and meaning. He accompanies people going through different processes of emergence, crisis and self-inquiry.

In his practice, he draws from Western, Eastern, Indigenous and nature-based approaches to health. He uses different techniques, such as embodiment practices, mindfulness, meditation, reiki, bioenergetics, as well as elements from depth psychology and transpersonal psychology to help create a container of self-love, compassion and grounding for a safe exploration of our inner worlds. Honoring his Peruvian-American heritage, Martin is also called to serve as a bridge between these cultures. He provides preparation and integrationcounseling to people interested in spiritual tourism and entheogenic experiences. Learn more:

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