Photo of Leta Kingfisher Leta Kingfisher

PhD Graduate
East–West Psychology

Leta Kingfisher, PhD candidate, holds an MA in religious studies from the University of Alberta, and a bachelor of arts in religious studies. Leta is Plains Cree and a member of the Sturgeon Lake First Nation. Her MA thesis looked at the history of the tension between First Nations women with a Western feminist view, Métis (mixed-ancestry) women's views, and traditional First Nations women's views on sacred ceremonies. Her dissertation explores healing addictions with spiritual help, and the complete cessation of thirty years of addictions overnight. Her auto-ethno-biographical study documents the journey of the consequences faced by a healer when seeking spiritual assistance without permission. Leta teaches post-secondary classes in indigenous studies and psychology for the First Nations University of Canada and the University of Saskatchewan. Leta has a private somatic trauma therapy practice, and offers traditional indigenous healing (

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