Thumbnail image of Leta Kingfisher Leta Kingfisher

PhD Student
East-West Psychology

Leta Kingfisher, EWP PhD student, holds an MA in Religious Studies from the University of Alberta, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Religious Studies. Leta is Plains Cree and a member of the Sturgeon Lake First Nation. Her Master's thesis looked at the history of the tension between First Nations women with a Western feminist view, Métis (mixed-ancestry) women's views, and Traditional First Nations women's views on sacred ceremonies. Her dissertation explores healing addictions with Spiritual help, and the complete cessation of thirty years of addictions overnight. Her autoethnobiographical study documents the journey of the consequences faced by a healer when seeking spiritual assistance without permission. Leta teaches post-secondary classes in Indigenous Studies and Psychology for the First Nations University of Canada and the University of Saskatchewan. Leta has a private somatic trauma therapy practice, as well as traditional Indigenous healing.

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