Photo of Jeremy Jeremy Caifang Zhu, PhD

East–West Psychology

Jeremy Caifang Zhu, PhD 2010, is currently the Beijing-based director of the CIIS China Projects. He is also associate director of Hebei Research Institute of Chan Buddhism and sits on the board of International Transpersonal Association. He has developed the Meditation-Initiated Integrative Therapy (MIIT) and has been teaching MIIT workshops and classes mostly in China since 2010. Jeremy holds a master's in theological studies from the Harvard Divinity School, where he concentrated his studies on the interface of Buddhism and Western psychology. He was a teaching fellow with the East Asian Studies program at Harvard during 2002-04. Following his completion of MTS at Harvard, he trained for a year as chaplain resident in St. Mary's Medical Center. He studied at CIIS from 2005 through 2010.

Jeremy's dissertation is titled "The Ordinary Mind in Chan Buddhism and its Psychological Significance." He has published about 30 articles and chapters in China, US, UK, Taiwan, Switzerland, and New Zeland, on topics such as Buddhism, Buddhism and psychology/psychotherapy, interfaith dialogue, and transpersonal psycholoy. He has published in journals that include Journal of Analytical PsychologyContemporary BuddhismAsian StudiesBehavioral SciencesInternational Review of Chinese Religion, and Philosophy, Beijing University of Chan/Zen Buddhism. Before coming to the US in 2001, Jeremy was a college faculty member at Beijing International Studies University where he taught ESL and interfaith dialogue between Buddhism and Christianity, and co-taught Introduction to Chinese Philosophy and Religions. He chaired the Harvard Buddhist Community and led a meditation group at CIIS. He practices and teaches Tai Chi.

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