Photo of Jaishree Jaishree Sellamuthu, MA

East–West Psychology

Jaishree Sellamuthu, MA, holds an undergraduate degree in business management from Singapore Management University, and a masters degree in hospitality management from l'Institut Paul Bocuse, France. Jaishree is a trained Heal Your Life® coach as well as Heal Your Life® workshop leader; Heal Your Life® is based on Louise Hay's teachings. Since 2009, Jaishree has been associated with Sanghamitra Centre for Wellbeing, a holistic healing and teaching centre in Chennai, India. She leads workshops in the personal development and mind-body-spirit arena, and does one-to-one coaching using The Work of Byron Katie, a powerful process of inquiry into one's stressful thinking. Jaishree is also a trained InterPlay facilitator and holds a certificate in Analytic Somatic Therapy (based on Bioenergetics). She has led a women's group that she started in 2009. Her current focus is to introduce more people in India to The Work of Byron Katie.

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