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East–West Psychology

Anna Swisher, MA 2013, is the founder of EarthBodyYoga, a platform dedicated to nurturing our connection with our deepest self through reconnecting with our body, soul, spirit, and the natural world. Anna works with individuals, practicing Nature-Based Soul Coaching, a unique blend of her passions stemming from her work with somatic eco-therapy, indigenous and shamanic traditions, non-dual spiritual counseling, and intuitive movement. Anna mentors and leads two adolescent girls' groups with the Stepping Stones Project, a nature-based rites of passage organization, as well as teaching JourneyDance, yoga, and meditation. Anna has lead numerous groups and workshops in nature focused on deepening self-understanding and bringing our vitality and wild soul medicine to life. She is passionately committed to building sustainable community, and is actively engaged in organizing and facilitating women's circles, community retreats, ceremonies, rituals, healing collectives, and land-based community centers. Anna lives in Alameda, CA, cultivating a devotion to her own soul's path and deepening her inquiry into the juicy mystery of this divine human experience.

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