Photo of Adina Adina Morguelan, PhD

East–West Psychology

Adina Morguelan, PhD, is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW).  She has a unique orientation that borrows from the mindfulness traditions of the East, as well as the psycho-therapeutic approaches of the West. Adina has expertise in delivering therapy interventions to clients with multiple diagnoses and substance abuse concerns; in conducting psycho-social assessments; in providing training and consultation on a number of topics pertaining to the provision of mental health services in our local urban environment; and in case management, particularly in the HIV/AIDS community. With a strong commitment to evidence-based practice and program development, Adina is highly trained in both qualitative and quantitative research methods including survey development, in-depth interviewing (phone and in person), focus groups, recruitment, coding, and data analysis. Her dissertation research study shed light upon the relationship between gender identity and sexual orientation, utilizing a qualitative grounded-theory methodology. The goal was to de-pathologize individuals who exist at the intersection of multiple queer identities. The focus of Adina's clinical work reflects her areas of interest and expertise, including self-esteem, self-care, healthy relationships, coping with chronic illness (such as HIV/AIDS), substance ab/use, gender identity, and sexual orientation. She is especially adept at motivational interviewing (MI), motivation enhancement therapy (MET), cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical-behavioral therapy (DBT), and mindfulness approaches, as well as psychodynamic and systems-based interventions.

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