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In our program, you will find a scholarly and spiritually supportive academic environment. Our students are encouraged to explore their personal spiritual growth, maintain their overall well-being, and pursue their intellectual interests. Our community is comprised of students and faculty who are dedicated to their academic goals and making a difference in this world.

Our graduates

Michael R. Sheehy (PhD 2007) is a scholar, the head of the Department of Literary Research at the Tibetan Buddhist Resource Center (TBRC), and the Founding Director of the Jonang Foundation. As a nonprofit corporation and online educational resource, the Jonang Foundation works with the living Jonang tradition in order to support the Jonangpa inside Tibet as well as to promote understanding of this little-known Tibetan Buddhist tradition through research and scholarship. The mission of the Jonang Foundation is  to facilitate greater documentation, revivification, and transmission of the Jonang lineage from its ancient ancestors to the living tradition. It also emphasizes the conservation Jonang art and literature, the translation of seminal Jonang Tibetan literary works into Western languages, the development of Jonang educational institutions, and the promotion of the Jonang heritage.

Zinai Shih (PhD 2002) is the vice-director of the Luminary Buddhist Institute in Taiwan. This institutue provides a four-year Buddhist course for international ordained Buddhist females to become Buddhist teachers and leaders in their communities. She has also taught the Development of Buddhism in Middle Asia in the Department of Eastern Languages and Cultures Department at UC Berkeley in 2003 as a visiting faculty. In addition, Zinai Shih has developed some unique programs in Taiwan, sponsored by the Gaya Foundation, such as the Prenatal Education for Women and Families through integrating body-mind-spirit approaches. As she reflects, "the vision of CIIS responds to the need of the collective consciousness in our post modern time by integrating both rational masculine and intuitive feminine mind and East-and-West cultures and spiritual paths."

Murshida Rabia Ana Perez-Christi (PhD 1999) is an ordained minister, senior teacher and National Co-Representative of the Sufi Movement International in the USA. Murshida Rabia also acts as the Moin-ul-Maham for the USA (head of the Religious activity) and serves as part of a collaborative leadership on the Pir-O-Murshid council and the executive committee of the Sufi Movement International (SMI). She has directed a training program that ordains cherags (Ministers of the Universal Worship founded by Hazrat Inayat Khan) that educates students in the study of the religious scriptures of the world. This SMI study program has continued for three decades preparing hundreds of students in interfaith studies, spiritual ethics and counseling procedures that permit them to move into chaplaincy, prison reform, and social programs that help humanity. She holds degrees in psychology, philosophy and religion, and is presently a faculty member in the clinical psychology program at the California Institute of Integral Studies.

Selected Dissertation Titles

2015 Charles Cosby
Indo-Tibetan Buddhist Perspectives on William Blake's "Songs of Innocence and of Experience"

2014 Robert Mullen
Evolutionary Panentheism and Metanormal Human Capacity: A Psychobiography of Michael Murphy

2014 Rebecca Polack
The Politics of Yoga: Swami Kuvalayananda and the Indian Nationalist Movement

2014 Sharon Roe
Anusmrti in Hinayana, Mahayana and Vajrayana Perspectives: A Lens for the Full Range of Buddha's Teachings

2014 Romona Silver
Chuang Tzu's Ontology and His Conception of Self and Mind

2013 Mary Louise Stone
Ancient Andean Mother: A Cosmic Portal Through Five Millenia

2013 Kirk Templeton
Suhrawardi, Abhinavagupta, and the Metaphysics of Light

2013 Andrea Vecchione
Koyilkatu: Modern Day Sacred Grove Nature Temples of Tamil Nadu, Traditional Ecological Knowledge Integrated in Modern Times

2012 Sharryn Breckenridge-Watts
An Aperspectival Presentiation of Integral Consciousness: Based on Jean Gebser's Structures of Consciousness and the Evolutionary Psychology of Sri Aurobindo

2012 Lawrence William Nelson
Chan (Zen) Sickness and the Master's Role in Its Diagnosis, Treatment, and Prevention

2011 Nicholas B. Egan
The Five Elements in Tibetan Buddhism: Cosmology, Meditation, and Enlightenment

2010 Hoseok Leigh
The Philosophy of Non-Duality in Zhaolun

2010 Sanjay V. Kumar
Cognitive and Cultural Metaphors of Wholeness in the Rgveda

2010 Elline Kay Eskenazi
The Roots of New Age Spirituality in United States Social History

2010 Adam Matthew Deitz
The Self-Cultivation and Personality of the Superior Person in Confucianism

2009 Eric Robert Dorman
A Study of the Letters of the Sanskrit Alphabet and Their Metaphysical Role in the Emanation of Manifest Reality as Described in Select Hindu Tantras

2009 Joanna Duong
The Influence of Theravada Buddhism on Spiritual and Social Reforms in Cambodia

2009 Michael David Biglieri
Passing on Deconstructions: Reading "Derrida" and "Deconstruction" as Prolegomena to Philosophical Comparitism

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