East-West Psychology (EWP) is a multidisciplinary department where psychological and spiritual traditions of East, West, and indigenous cultures from around the world intermix. Approaching cross-cultural encounters in the spirit of dialogical pluralism, cultural sensitivity, mutual transformation, and open inquiry, EWP grounds academic excellence and the acquisition of professional skills in transformation.


Transform yourself. Transform the world.

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Indigenous knowledge, entheogenic shamanism, holistic sexuality, and ecopsychology provide a bridge for students to travel outward to help transform the world as well as inward to help transform themselves.  

Drawing Western intellectual and spiritual traditions together with Asian spiritual philosophies and indigenous worldviews, the curriculum is designed to accelerate each student's journey into their particular leadership role.  

Students develop inquiry skills that engage a wide range of human faculties and experiences, including somatic, emotional, vital, imaginal, intellectual, intuitive, and contemplative.  

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"I think of this department as an amazing mother-base that brings together some incredible people, whether as students, faculty, or alumni. People come together, ideas come together, heart and energy come together. There is a lot of energy that is activated, and when you as a student come into contact with this collective energy you end of discovering longings you didn't even know you had." 
-Monica Mody, EWP PhD student  

"I enrolled in EWP because I wanted to study psychology in a personal, experiential way. The program allowed me to explore my interests and curiosities. Being given the freedom to do so helped me to discover and develop my strengths. I continued my studies at the doctoral level here because I wanted to deeply develop the capability to communicate effectively about the value of an integral education to circles outside CIIS and to support students and alumni in the same way." 
-Heidi Fraser, EWP alumnae, MA '09, PhD '15  

California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS) is an accredited university that strives to embody spirit, intellect, and wisdom in service to individuals, communities, and the earth. CIIS expands the boundaries of traditional degree programs with transdisciplinary, cross-cultural, and applied studies utilizing face-to-face, hybrid, and online pedagogical approaches. Offering a personal learning environment and supportive community, CIIS provides an excellent multifaceted education for people committed to transforming themselves, others, and the world.

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