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CIIS’ two-year, online master's program in Asian Contemplative and Transcultural Studies teaches and researches the contemplative traditions, practices and experiences of South and East Asia as agents for change in the modern world. The program offers a field of study for scholar-practitioners interested in experiencing personal transformation and in becoming leaders who catalyze world transformation.

A reflective and practical engagement with the contemplative traditions, practices and experiences of Asia can play a significant role in restoring meaning and wholeness for modern populations as well as diasporic Asians seeking deep connections with their roots.

The study of these traditions in an academic environment aims to provide a safe, neutral and critically conscious space for learning, and inquiry distanced from ideological, political or cultic identities. Our program provides frameworks for comprehensive understanding and informed engagement while also offering historical and cultural context and depth absent in popular or sectarian approaches.

To further academic development in Asian contemplative studies, our department also offers scholarships specific for this program.

Our program is structured using eight themes that interweave a multifaceted interdisciplinary approach to Asian studies. Coursework and student research incorporate a thorough exploration of the following subject areas: Contemplative Science, Contemplative Arts, Contemplative Wisdom, Contemplative Psychology, Contemplative Psychospiritual Practice, Contemplative Applications, Modern Asian Studies, and Transcultural Studies.

Master of Arts in East-West Psychology with a concentration in Asian Contemplative and Transcultural Studies

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Career Paths

CIIS is known for being a pioneer in the field of Asian Contemplative and Transcultural Studies. Students of our program are offered the expertise and experience of our University’s 50-year history with the subject. 

Graduates from our program go on to work as:

  • Educators, researchers, and writers
  • Counselors and mental health professionals
  • Artists and museum curators
  • Community planners and activists
  • Cultural relation experts

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