Marisa Manriquez Marisa Manriquez

Counseling Practitioners and Healing Arts
Healer, Yoga Instructor, Artist, Life Coach

Marisa Manriquez, MA
The Women's Spirituality Program, MA Alum

Marisa Manriquez is an empathic healer, poet, and alchemist with a background in emotional intelligence, psychic awareness, and Andean shamanic practices. She is the face of Soul Witness, a site dedicated to personal transformation and collective freedom. She is also an author and curator of SONRISAZULIMAR, a blog of poetry, art, and other awakened musings.

Marisa believes that the cultivation of presence through awakened creativity, embodied awareness, and play are essential for passageway into a deeper understanding of the soul's intelligence and an alignment with one's path of personal healing, which is imperative for the evolution of the collective.

Marisa has a Master's degree in philosophy and religion with a concentration in women's spirituality from CIIS. She is a certified yoga instructor through the Niroga Institute of Oakland, California, and is an initiate in the shamanic lineages of the Eye of Horus, Deborah, and the Aymara people of the Andes.

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