Program Overview

We believe that activism is a form of sacred practice. CIIS’ master’s in Women, Gender, Spirituality, and Social Justice honors the spiritual impulses that have guided movements for equality and justice across the globe.

This program is best suited to those who are interested in developing a visionary approach to their work as activists, educators, healers, facilitators, artists, and socially conscious entrepreneurs.

Our transdisciplinary program invites you to engage in deep academic and personal inquiry by developing an individualized course of study within broad areas of scholarship including: ecofeminism/ecology, women in world religions, mysteries, sacred arts, and healing, diversity and social justice and spiritual activism and leadership.

You are invited to develop their own questions, born of their interests and experiences. For example, an individualized focus of study might be:

  • Ecofeminism and the Abrahamic religions
  • Multicultural women's spiritual leadership
  • The role of sacred arts in movements for social justice

Master of Arts in Women, Gender, Spirituality, and Social Justice

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Career Paths

Our program has a strong emphasis on social justice and seeks to make an impact on the world at large by providing students with the tools to think deeply and critically about local and transnational issues, and to affect change through an integrative approach to education that values the spiritual dimensions of our human experience.

We recognize that there is no clearly paved career trajectory for someone with a degree in women's spirituality; much depends on your objective, self-motivation, and entrepreneurship. Our curriculum includes a course on vocation design to give you tools for career creation.

Our graduates pave their own way towards roles and leadership positions in various fields including: 

  • Academia, research and education
  • Policy making and consulting 
  • Social entrepreneurship
  • NGOs and nonprofits
  • Creative arts
  • Restorative justice, and many more

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