Lorin Jackson Lorin Jackson

Nonprofit & Community Activists
Computer Access Services, Philadelphia FIGHT

Lorin Jackson
The Women's Spirituality Program, MA Alum

Lorin Jackson is a scholar and activist from New York. Before coming to the women's spirituality program, she studied philosophy and education at Haverford College, focusing on Hegel's master/slave dialectic, interdisciplinary research, and educational equity. She currently holds the role of public services librarian at the AIDS Library in Philadelphia.

Lorin graduated with an MA in women's spirituality in May 2014. Her research centered on eco-racism/environmental justice, sacred spaces, and healing Black women's relationship with animals after the devastation of slavery. Speaking on how the program impacted her, she says:

"The program helped me the most through self-empowerment—I realize that I am capable. This power helps me set my priorities and goals in a way that puts me first in my professional life. Too often our needs are neglected as women, and more specifically as women of color. The women's spirituality program helps me to remain centered and calm, and to have a foundation as I venture out into the world. In the program I practiced how to respectfully disagree and assert my personal values in an academic way that helps me continue to shape my professional identity and energy."

Lorin studies library science with a program focus on social informatics, and is currently working towards a master of information degree from Rutgers University. She works as a community activist, promoting leadership and knowledge-seeking in underserved populations at the nonprofit organization Philadelphia FIGHT, which combats HIV/AIDS stigma through educational advocacy. Lorin wholeheartedly believes in the power of knowledge and access to overcome the insidious nature of oppressive systems

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