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Higher Education
Reference Librarian, Subject Area Specialist in Archaeomythology, and Author of ReGenesis Encyclopedia

Eahr Joan, Phd
The Women's Spirituality Program, Phd Alum

Eahr Joan is the CIIS reference librarian and author of Re-Genesis Encyclopedia. Eahr's subject specialties include archaeo-mythology archivist and labyrinth learning.

Women Spirituality was a home-coming for Re-Genesis Encyclopedia: Synthesis of the Spiritual Dark Mother-Line, Integral Research, Labyrinth Learning, and Eco-Thealogy. This 2000 page encyclopedia, along with extensive slide collections, are Eahr's life-time donations to the program and to CIIS, as well as the larger global community. Eahr says,

"The women's spirituality program gave rise to a practice of spiritual activism that is deep-rooted in eco-thealogy tethered to the ebb and flow of the seasons. Student years also fostered a cross-disclipinary dedication and determination that CIIS library would always provide unique one-to-one reference service for all CIIS programs."

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