Chandra Alexandre Chandra Alexandre

Spiritual Leadership
Founder and Executive Director of SHARANYA

Chandra Alexandre, Phd
The Women's Spirituality Program, MA Alum

Chandra Alexandre is founder and executive director of SHARANYA, a devi mandir (goddess temple) located in San Francisco that serves as a sanctuary for spiritual community worldwide. SHARANYA promotes healing, truth, and transformation through integration of embodied worship, devotion, and engaged spirituality.

Chandra's work as Rashani (priestess in the Sha'can tradition, a Western Shakta Tantra) is toward a vision of a harmonious global community where our inherent divinity is welcomed, balanced, sustained, witnessed, and celebrated. Chandra conducts monthly public worship celebrations for the Divine Mother, leads annual pilgrimages to India, runs Daughters of Kali (a year-and-a-day training program focused on Shakta Tantra and goddess mysteries), guides Kali Vidya (an online mystery school), teaches initiates within community, and maintains a spiritual guidance practice.

In addition to her work at SHARANYA, Chandra is adjunct research faculty at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology and is vice president of development at the Bay Area Council, where she focuses on fund development for the organization's policy initiatives, research, and key programs.

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