Steven carpenter, graduate of the online PhD in transformative studies at CIIS Steven Carpenter

Transformative Studies, PhD

Enhanced Oil Recovery Institute
School of Energy Resources
University of Wyoming

The CIIS Transformative Studies program provided me with the unique opportunity to allow me to advance my natural science research through the lens of social science theories, with world-class professionals. Nowhere else was I able to find this extraordinary collection of natural & social science, coupled with Integral theory (studies), which has allowed my climate change research to both thrive and be widely read.

Transdisciplinarity Withing The North American Climate Change Mitigation Research Community, Specifically the Carbon Dioxide Capture, Transportation, Utilization and Storage Community

This research investigates the existence of and potential challenges to the development of a transdisciplinary approach to the climate change mitigation technology research focusing on carbon dioxide capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS) in North America. The unprecedented challenge of global climate change is one that invites a transdisciplinary approach. The challenge of climate change mitigation requires an understanding of multiple disciplines, as well as the role that complexity, post-normal or post-modern science, and uncertainty play in combining these various disciplines.

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