Where will a degree in Transformative Leadership take you?

Our alumni go on to be passionately engaged in work such as leading a non-profit, teaching in academia, working for environmental or social justice initiatives, or creating their own consulting firm. Our graduates apply their knowledge in such fields as:

  • Consulting and coaching in various industries
  • Leading non-profit organizations
  • Teaching and administrative positions in academia
  • Research positions (e.g. think-tanks)
  • High-tech industries
  • Broadcasting
  • Municipal government and policy making


Where will a degree in Transformative Studies take you?

 As a Ph.D. program, all of our Transformative Studies students already hold a master’s degree, and many are already situated in a career that is reflected in their dissertation topics. Our graduates go on to contribute to the development of better research and scholarship in their professional areas of work, such as:

  • Faculty, deans, directors at universities
  • Consultants on business, social and environmental issues
  • Coaches focusing on personal and professional development
  • Researchers in think-tanks and related organizations
  • Leaders in organizations focusing on issues including the environment, personal development, technology.

Our Alumni in Action

Get inspired by their stories.

Transformative Leadership alumna Shannon C. McQuaide designed an original yoga program for firefighters 

Transformative Leadership alum Daniel Glenn launched the Podcast Creative Inquiry: Scholarship for the 21st Century