Kimberly Streeter, graduate of the online PhD in transformative studies at CIIS Kimberly Streeter

Transformative Studies, Ph.D.

Director of Research
Longpath Labs

California, US

I have been working at the intersections and emerging frontiers of many diverse fields and disciplines for more than 20 years, including: Somatic Psychology; Mind-Body Therapeutics; Women's, Maternal, and Infant Health; Integrative and Functional Medicine; Mindfulness-based Interventions; Organizational Cultures; Complex Adaptive Systems; Nonprofit Management; Transformative Leadership; and Human-centered Futures. CIIS's Transformative Studies Program served as an incubator for me to delve deeper into the transdisciplinary through lines that have connected my personal, academic, and professional journeys. I began the program with a series of unanswered questions about life and my place in it; I left the program with the frameworks, relationships, and confidence that I needed to weave new paths toward understanding and connection. I currently serve as the Director of Research at Longpath Labs, a NY-based think tank and innovation lab that leverages futures consciousness as a means to counter short-termism and support thriving futures.

Cultural Midwifery: A Theoretical Inquiry of Complexity, Epistemology, and Liminal Leadership for Postnormal Times

Cultural Midwifery is a theoretical inquiry that explores an ontology of being, being with, and being within the becoming that seeks to ease the transition of individuals, communities, organizations, and social structures through the uncertainties of “postnormal times”—the undefined spaces between paradigms that are failing and those that have yet to emerge. Culling the knowledge and skill sets of midwives, who have been attending to liminal spaces for millennia, Cultural Midwifery informs and narrativizes the emergent and complex adaptive dynamics of epistemology, leadership, relational care, and culture during times of great change. A new, processual inquiry perspective, entitled "the complex gaze," is also introduced as a methodological contribution to the field of research.

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