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The East-West Psychology program offers a global approach to the exploration and study of psychology and spirituality. Students are encouraged to become thought leaders in cross-cultural relations that are rooted in ancient spiritual traditions. Graduates create positive and sustainable paradigms in global and personal change. Our program offers the following paths of study:

Courses are cross-disciplinary and include academic inquiry of systems, spiritual traditions, and psychological teachings. Our program explores the interface of psychology and spirituality, including:

  • Transpersonal and integral psychology
  • Asian psychologies
  • Modern consciousness studies
  • Participatory spirituality
  • Depth psychology (Jungian, archetypal, and psychoanalytic)
  • Contemplative psychology
  • Religious comparative studies
  • Shamanic studies
  • Ecopsychology

Welcome from chair Debashish Banerji, PhD

The dialogue of East and West, a dialogue of civilizations, formed one of the founding inspirations of CIIS and has never been more relevant than in our present era of rapid globalization. East–West psychology addresses this dialogue at the level of human communication and transformation, aiming at an integral understanding. Apart from the interchange of civilizations, East–West psychology also includes the dialogue with indigenous modalities of knowledge and becoming. In our programs, Jungian and other alternative psychologies, contemplative methods, wisdom traditions, shamanic epistemologies, and forms of psycho-spiritual practice are engaged through a strong foundation in theoretical and qualitative research. Our faculty are leading edge and our courses are paradigm changing.

If you are interested in a future as a counselor, writer, academician, life-coach, or other professional utilizing a deep study of human potential and intercultural transformative means, our program may be the place for you. Please explore these pages to learn more about our faculty and students and graduates. You may also like us on Facebook, attend an info session, or contact us directly with your questions. We would love to talk with you about the graduate education that aligns with what your soul desires.

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