CIIS Founder Haridas Chaudhuri "Consciousness at the human level is essentially in the nature of self-luminosity. It shines by its own intrinsic light; as it reveals objects it also reveals itself as the knowing function" - Haridas Chaudhuri, The Evolution of Integral Consciousness (1977)

Since its origins in the mid-20th century, CIIS has been committed to the exploration of the nature and potentials of human consciousness. This commitment is embraced and embodied by its many programs, ranging form Asian philosophy to integral psychology and counseling, and on through women’s spirituality, ecology, creative arts, and many more.

The goals of this center are to elevate CIIS into international prominence in the field of consciousness studies, and to support and facilitate consciousness studies both inside and beyond the institute. Also, to act as a clearinghouse for faculty members and students both within and outside of CIIS who are interested in the field of consciousness studies.


Allan Combs, Ph.D.
Professor of Consciousness Studies

Media Inquiries

For media inquiries about the Center for Consciousness Studies, please contact Andrew J. Martin, Senior Media Relations manager at or (415) 575-6169.

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