Doors closed. Hearts open. In community.

Out of concern for the well-being of the CIIS and broader communities, most clinics are closed for face-to-face appointments. Our six counseling clinics are available for tele-health appointments, and are accepting new teletherapy clients on a case by case basis.

Together, the CIIS counseling centers and acupuncture clinics offer affordable and effective mind-body-spirit psychotherapy and acupuncture to more than 6,000 individuals each year.

Counseling Centers

We offer integrative Western psychology with knowledge from the world's spiritual traditions in a variety of therapeutic orientations, such as somatic, transpersonal, psychodynamic, and Gestalt, as well as more conventional modes of psychotherapy. The counseling provided in our centers in unique and respects the specific growth and healing process of each individual.

Acupuncture Clinics

Our mission is to provide effective, affordable treatment for a wide variety of conditions and diseases using acupuncture, herbs and other healing modalities of Traditional Chinese Medicine. We are proud to be diagnosing, treating, and preventing disease in the Potrero Hill neighborhood of San Francisco since 1981, and at the CIIS Mission St. campus.

Questions about the clinics can be directed to:

Media Inquiries

For media inquiries about our Counseling and Acupuncture Clinics, please contact Andrew J. Martin, Senior Media Relations manager at or (415) 575-6169.