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The Clinic Without Walls

The Clinic Without Walls is the training clinic for Community Mental Health graduate students. 

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The Clinic Without Walls (TCWOW) is a community mental health clinic dedicated to serving disadvantaged populations of the San Francisco Bay Area. In accordance with our commitment to social justice, the clinic does not charge money and does not require medical insurance. Treatment is available to all. 

Our Approach 

TCWOW provides therapy for individuals, couples, and families, and offers a wide range of approaches including both short-term and long-term psychotherapy. At the heart of TCWOW’s liberatory approach work is the recognition of the inextricable relation between the social and the individual. Accordingly, clinicians attend closely to the unique circumstances of each person and aim to uphold the utmost cultural sensitivity. Understanding the serious challenges faced by the disenfranchised, TCWOW endeavors to overcome barriers to care and ultimately, to make available the highest quality of mental health treatments for those in suffering. 

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TCWOW offices are located at 390 Valencia St. in San Francisco, California. For more information or if you would like to talk to someone about scheduling a session, please call the following phone number: 415-373-4094.