Example Capstone Action Project Titles

Denetra Anderson
Leading and empowering other throught small acts of kindness

Elisa Boots
Stories of women's spiritual empowerment

Danielle Caminecci
Conscious consumerism

Anne Marie Miller
Elephants and transformative leaders: Similar leadership styles

Leanne Sweet
Journey to authentic love

Rose Woodruff
Improvisational leadership: Flexibility, creativity, and whole-hearted facilitation

Brian Davis
Serving those who servced: Connecting indigent veterans to support services 

Stefani Pearsall
Women of wisdom: Women's empowerment workshop

Kai Sebastian Stout
Dream holder: Becoming an authentic leader

Angelah Limon
Sacred Emergence: Work as a Pilgrimage of Identity

Julie Morley
The Cosmic Curriculum: Building the Future Through Biophilic Engagement

Eric Peterson
Transformative Leadership and Academia: A Systems Approach to Integrating a New Story

Katherine Stone
Keep It Green: Envisioning a Sustainable Cannabis Economy

Wendy Ashely
Transformative Journey: Embodiment of a Leadership Program

Irina Guisado Alonso
Paradigms of the Destitute

Paula Hardison
Our Source of Personal Power

Henny Kupferstein
Brooklyn to San Francisco: An Academic and Personal Journey of Transformation

Megan Evans
Creative Empowered Kids

Dawn Lueck
A Testimony of Transformation

Jules Kennedy
Caregiver as Leader: Giving Care to the Caregiver

Linda Mendoza
A Leader's Journey of Triumph

Robyn J. Morrison
CoCreative Power

Vincent Brown
Forestry, Woodcraft, and Sustainability

Tiffany Kim
Project M.E.N.D. Mother Earth Nature and Devine

Maya Leon
MaYarising Pre-launch Clothing Swap

Erin Lightfoot
Mindfulness for the Classroom

Shannon McQuaide
A Transformative Leadership Experiment

Robin Miles
Project I.M.P.A.C.T. Inspirational Moments that Produce Amazing Champions of Transformation

Elizabeth Nicolosi
Corporate Leadership Emergence

Heather Scott
The Emergent Leader: Being the inquiry

Kelsey Sweet
Open JAR: A Potentialist Romance...Almost

Roseanne Olszewski
The Woman in My Mirror: ~ My Reflections on the MA in Transformative Leadership

Faye M. Pilgrim

Tenants Rights Awareness: Capstone: The Sum of Parts

Isabel Santis
Holistic Education for Children: An Evolving Leadership Experience

Maureen Gevertz
Women Leaders Helping Women Become Leaders

Katy E. Paulson
Dance Together Stand Together

Eric Reynolds
Transformative Leadership in Action: Occupy your life

Alejandra Sosa Siroka 
Bringing Transformation Through Holistic Communication

Chimine Arfuso
Building Coalitions for Violence Prevention

Shereen Dajani
A Growing Leader In Action: 360-Degree Feedback in the Workplace

MaryClare Foecke
Flying Lessons: Transformation Can Be Scary

Sharron Haave
Consulting with educational board members for developing a Waldorf School

Brett A. Hendricks
Planting Culture: A Metaphor for Hope in Our Shared Future

Shaun Lally
Start-up of a non-profit organization providing the structure for an online social media/networking forum

Melissa L. Munden
My Journey in Leadership

Sophie Herting 
Theory in Action: Transforming myself and others

Katy Jo Holton
The Act of Being

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