Registration Instructions

These instructions are for those who've been admitted to a program at CIIS. If you want to take a course or courses without being admitted, submit the Special Student Application. Contact the Registrar's Office at or 415-575-6126 to request this.

In Fall 2021, CIIS launched Self-Service, our student interface to our new information system. Through Self-Service, students can register, pay tuition, update contact information, view their degree progress, and perform other transactions. Students registering in Summer 2021 will continue to do so through MyCIIS.

For assistance with logging in to either Self-Service or MyCIIS, contract

Registration instructions can be found here.

For assistance on registering, contact the Registrar's Office at or 415-575-6126.

For questions about what to register for, contact your program.

Please be aware that everyone who registers is charged the Registration Fee and that this fee isn't discharged should all courses be dropped.


You'll remain on the list until either:

1. You drop yourself from it, which you can do online; or
2. The wait list is purged on the Add Deadline; or
3. A seat opens up in the course and you are added to it.

Check your schedule online regularly to see if you have been moved from the waitlist into the class. Once you're added, you become responsible for the course's tuition and academic requirements. Ignorance of being added is not grounds to waive these requirements.

If you have not been added to the course by its start date, you may attend its first class meeting if you have the instructor's permission. Bring a registration form. If you receive permission to be added, have the instructor sign the form and bring it to the Registrar's Office prior to the Add Deadline. Do not assume the instructor will notify the Registrar's Office of his or her consent. It is your job, not the instructor's, to conduct your registration transactions. Also do not assume you won't be added to the course if you do not attend the first class meeting. Continue to check your schedule online up through the Add Deadline.

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