Registration Instructions

These instructions are for those who've been admitted to CIIS. If you want to register without applying for admission, download the Special Student Application.

MyCIIS is CIIS' Web-based student portal and is where you can register or drop classes, pay tuition, download forms, update your contact information, view your advising worksheet, and perform other transactions.

Registration  instructions can be found here.

For assistance with your MyCIIS log-in, contract

For assistance on registering, contact the Registrar's Office at or 415-575-6126.

For questions about what to register for, contact your program.

1. Be Certain You Want to Register

Everyone who registers is charged a registration fee. This fee is not refunded if you drop your courses.

2. Make Sure You Can Log Into MyCIIS

Go to MyCIIS and log in. Your user name is the same as your student ID number. If you've forgotten your user name or password, click the retrieval links in the right-hand column.

Once you're logged-in, click on the "Registration" tab. Then, in the left-hand menu, click "Search and Register for Courses".

If you see a message that says "You must be logged in and authorized to view this information", either CIIS has yet to process your enrollment deposit (for new students) or you've fallen inactive (for continuing students). To inquire about the deposit status, contact the Business Office at 415-575-6132 or To inquire about your active status, contact the Registrar's Office at 415-575-6126 or

3. Confirm the Personal Information CIIS Has on Record for You

Before being permitted to first view the schedule, you will need to verify the data CIIS has on record for you. You will see a link that says "Confirm Your Personal Information". Click on this, review the information, update it if necessary, and click "Submit". This confirmation won't be required again until you log into next semester's schedule.

You may always update your personal data at any point by doing the following:

  1. Log into MyCIIS.
  2. Click the "Account Info" link, which is located at the top of the screen directly underneath the CIIS logo.
  3. Click the "My Contact Info" tab.
  4. Click the pencil icon next to any obsolete data, type in the new information, and click "Submit". Your information will be updated in our system within two business days.

Name, gender, race, ethnicity, Social Security and citizenship changes cannot be updated through MyCIIS. Instead, submit a hard copy Personal Information Update form accompanied with a legal name change document.

If you want to change your password, click the "Change Password" tab. Enter a password and click "Submit". Wait 15 minutes for the new password to become active.

4. Check for Holds

If you see a message in the "Search and Register for Courses" page that says "You have holds and are not allowed to register", look at the type of hold and contact the related office. If it's a Business Office, Library, or International Student hold, you may have an account balance, which you can pay through MyCIIS under the eBiz tab.

5. Plan Your Schedule

Under the "Registration" tab, in the the left-hand menu, click the "Search and Register for Courses" link. On the next page, click "Course Search". Select the term from the [Term] drop-down menu, and then select a course prefix from the [Department] drop-down menu. Click "Search". You'll be given all courses with that prefix. Click the course code link to find out the course's full schedule, grading option, and description.

HINT: A department may have more than one prefix. For instance, Drama Therapy uses MCP, MCPD, and PDT.

To view a syllabus:

  1. Log into MyCIIS
  2. Click on the My Pages tab
  3. Go to the Course Search portlet* at the bottom of the page.
  4. In the Course Code field, enter a course prefix (e.g, PARW). Or, in the Faculty Last Name field, enter an instructor's last name.
  5. In the Term field, choose a semester from the drop down menu.
  6. Click on a course.
  7. If the course has its syllabus posted, you'll see a Syllabus link in the left-hand side. If you don't, contact the program.

* If you do not see the Course Search portlet:

  1. Click on the Edit Page link in the upper right hand corner.
  2. Click on the Content tab.
  3. Click on the Add a Portlet link
  4. Check the Course Search box.
  5. Select Add Portlets to Page
  6. Click on Exit.
  7. Click on the My Pages tab and you will now see the Course Search portlet on this page.

Some classes fill up quickly. Plan your class schedule before attempting to register. Have back-up choices if your first choices are unavailable. Pay special attention to what grade option the course has. Course can be canceled or change their dates, locations, and/or instructors. Check your schedule right before the semester begins.

6. Register for Your Courses

Registration for a term opens at 11:35am. If you’re logged onto MyCIIS before 11:35am on the day it opens, you must log out and log back in to be able to register. Afterward it’s available 24 hours a day.

  1. Under the “Registration” tab, click "Search and Register for Courses" link in the left-hand menu. Click "Add/Drop Courses".
  2. You have two options:
    1. If you know the course codes of the courses you want, enter them and click "Add Courses". This will register you. Do not paste in the course code - type it in.
    2. If you don't know the course codes, click the "Course Search" tab.
      • Select the term from the [Term] drop-down menu.
      • Select a course prefix from the  [Department] drop-down menu. Click "Search".
      • Click the box next to each course you want to register for. Scroll down and click "Add Courses". This will register you.
  3. If your course allows the option of letter grading or pass/no pass, you will see an error message. Select the option you want and click "Add Courses."
  4. If your course is offered for variable units, you'll see and error message. Select the number of units you want and click "Add Courses". Do not enter fractional numbers (e.g., 2.5, 1.25, etc.)

7. Inspect and Print your Class Schedule

Under the "Registration" tab, in the left-hand menu, click "Search and Register for Courses". In the "My Current Schedule" portlet, click "View Details". Review all the information carefully. If you made an error in your grade option, either drop the course and register for it again (be careful, as the course may have already filled) or send an e-mail to requesting it be changed. (Requests must be submitted by the Add/Drop Deadline.)

Once you're sure your schedule is correct, click on the "Printer Friendly" link on the top right-hand side of the page, print your schedule, and keep it for your records. Should an issue arise alter, you will need this page for reference. Do the seam if you later decide to make any changes to your schedule.

8. If You Are Wait Listed

You will remain on the wait list until either:

1. You drop yourself from it, which you can do online; OR
2. The wait list is purged (on the Add/Drop Deadline); OR
3. A seat opens up in the course and you are added to it.

Check your schedule online regularly to see if you have been moved from the wait list into the class. The Registrar's Office will notify you if this happens, but this notification could be thwarted. Once you're added you become responsible for the course's tuition and academic requirements. Ignorance of being added will not be accepted as a reason for waiving these requirements.

If you have not been added to the course by its start date, you may attend its first class meeting if you have the instructor's permission. Bring a registration form. If you receive permission to be added, have the instructor sign the form and bring it to the Registrar's Office prior to the Add/Drop Deadline. Do not assume the instructor will notify the Registrar's Office of his or her consent. It is your job, not the instructor's, to conduct your registration transactions. Also do not assume you won't be added to the course if you do not attend the first class meeting. Continue to check your schedule online up through the Add/Drop Deadline.

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