Graduation Policies

Click here to download the Graduation Guidebook, which provides an overview of all of the necessary steps to completing your CIIS career.

Graduation is the conferral of the degree to your record, and is administered by the Registrar's Office. Commencement refers to the ceremony and is administered by Student Affairs.

Are you eligible for graduation?

To be eligible to graduate, a student must have completed all academic requirements, and have submited a Graduation Application (log in to MyCIIS required), the Graduation Application Fee and, for PhD and PsyD students, the Dissertation Publication Fee. The application is invalid without the fees. A students is ineligible if they have missing or "I" [Incomplete] grades, even for courses which do not apply to their degree.

The application and fee(s) are required even for students who do not participate in the commencement ceremony. The fee(s) is non-refundable, even if it is determined that the student is not eligible to graduate.

Both the application and the fee(s) must be submitted by the semester's application deadline. If the student fulfills the academic requirements but fails to apply by the semester's deadline, the degree is not conferred in that semester - it is conferred in the semester the student applied by the application deadline.

Similarly, if the student submits the application and fee(s) by the semester's application deadline but fails to fulfill the academic requirements by the end of that semester, the degree is not conferred in that semester. The application remains valid for three consecutive semesters (Summer included). If the student fails to fulfill the academic requirements by the end of those three semesters, the student must reapply to graduate and resubmit the application fee.

Graduation Dates and Requirements

CIIS has three degree conferral dates per year: the final day of each semester. The degree date will not be earlier in a semester, even if all academic requirements are met and the graduation application and fee are submitted.

If all academic requirements are met and the graduation appplication and fee have been submitted, the degree will be conferred, but CIIS will not release the official transcript or diploma or verify the student's degree to third parties until the student meets all outstanding financial obligations to CIIS, has returned all library materials and, for financial aid recipients, completed exit loan counseling. Counseling Psychology students must also submit all case notes, termination forms, termination case summaries, monthly reports, outstanding debt letters to clients, and practicum site keys to the practicum site manager. Clinical Psychology students must complete the department's exit survey.

All graduation applicants are sent a link to the graduation survey. The information gathered helps CIIS see what we are doing well and what we can to better for the benefit of future students. The survey, while optional, is therefore strongly encouraged.

The diploma and one copy of the official transcript are typically ready approximately three and-a-half months after the semester of graduation. See the Graduation Guidebook for specific dates. If the student wants additional copies of the transcript, the student must submit a Transcript Request and fee.

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