Kathryn Nuñez Katie Nuñez

Has Lived In:
Long Beach, CA

Studying for MA in Drama Therapy

Professional Goals:
I came to CIIS specifically to earn my masters in drama therapy and now I am.

Favorite Book: "Fresh Fruit, Broken Bodies," by Seth Holmes, about migrant farm workers. It was made just for me. It connected me with my family history in a meaningful way.

Little-known fact about you: I still work at Disneyland.

My career was as a performer-acting, singing, mostly musical theatre. An injury forced me to stop and think about things. A friend thought I'd make a great therapist.

My Path to CIIS: I went back to work, starting taking classes and chipping away at earning a degree. At night, online-whatever I could do to keep my momentum. While researching the best Drama Therapy programs, I found CIIS and then saw the

Bachelor's Completion program. I couldn't think of a better way to prepare for grad school.

The BAC Difference: It was life changing. I learned in a way that honored myself as a woman of color, in alignment with my feminist ideals, and respecting others in a way that also include self-not as an afterthought or dismissively. The program challenged me and helped me prepare for the world and the many and specific lenses through which we navigate it. This was also the first time I experienced myself as an academic-a mold that I was afraid of.

Transformative Learning: The program taught me how to turn mainstream ideas on their ear, and that if we can't change the system then we can change the way we act ourselves. CIIS doesn't want to just feed you information and have you regurgitate. It really wants your mind, body, and spirit to grow.

My Learning Community: In November some us celebrated Freindsgiving together. The support factor of the cohort model in the BAC is HUGE. I felt that the cohort folks put themselves out there sharing parts of themselves, their thoughts. The pains of being exposed enable you to grow as a human being.

My advice to prospective students: Never stop challenging yourself and asking questions. When things get tumultuous and difficult, try to be thankful that at CIIS, you are in a in a place that encourages you to have these conversations.

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