Transformative Leadership is designed as a 36-unit online master's program.  Students meet in person twice a year in the Bay Area for a six-day residential intensive and complete the remainder of the coursework online.

Because intensives are an essential aspect of the learning experience, participation in the intensives is mandatory.

Upcoming Intensive Dates: 
Fall 2018 - August 30 to September 4, 2018
Spring 2019 - January 24-29, 2019

MA in Transformative Leadership - 36 units

I. Required Core Courses-27 units

1st Semester (fall)

  • TLD 6001 Residential Intensive I (Required in person. 0 units)
  • TLD 6125 Leadership: Models, Maps, and Metaphors (3 units)
  • TLD 6130 Ways of Relating: Interpersonal and Group Dynamics (3 units)
  • TLD 6300 Ways of Knowing: Systems and Metaphors (3 units)
  • TLD 7996 Integrative Seminar (1 unit)

2nd Semester (spring)

  • TLD 6002 Residential Intensive II (Required in person. 0 units)
  • TLD 6145 Leadership, Pluralism, and Creativity: Diversity in Action (3 units)
  • TLD 6325 The Leadership Experience: Understanding the Will to Lead (3 units)
  • TLD 7997 Integrative Seminar (1 unit)

3rd Semester (fall)

  • TLD 6003 Residential Intensive III (Required in person. 0 units)
  • TLD 6349 Creating Communities and Coalitions (3 units)
  • TLD 6635 Transformative Leadership: Leading Ourselves among Others (3 units)
  • TLD 7998 Integrative Seminar (1 unit)

4th semester (spring)

  • TLD 6004 Residential Intensive (Required in person at the start of every semester. 0 units)
  • TLD 7999 Capstone: Action Project (3 units)

II. Electives-9 units

Electives may be taken from both the Transformative Leadership and Transformative Studies programs. Please review the CIIS Academic Catalog for possible electives.

Total program units: 36

Capstone: Action Project

During their course of study, students will select a site where they will implement a leadership capstone project that reflects their learning and insights as they go through the Transformative Leadership program. The action site may involve a working group, an organization, a community, a classroom, a family group, or any aggregate of people engaged in a system of relationships.

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