The Transformative Leadership Program is designed to create a unique, whole-person, immersive learning environment for students. Drawing on leading-edge research that spans a diversity of disciplines, cultures, and standpoints, the arts, and spiritual traditions, the program offers students the opportunity to explore the many dimensions of personal transformation, develop skills in participatory leadership and collaborative creativity, study transformative movements that work toward liberation, social, and environmental justice. Students explore new ways of being, relating,knowing, and doing as well as develop and articulate their own personal and leadership philosophy. The program culminates with a capstone action project, a protoype of the kind of work they want to do in the world. For many of our students the Capstone is the stepping stone for a new chapter in their lives. (See Alumni.)

Graduates will have attained the following:

  • Explored processes and principles of ongoing personal transformation and leadership development in order to become the persons and leaders they want to be.
  •  Developed their philosophy of leadership based on their values in dialogue with the readings and experiences in the program.
  • Developed their creative thinking abilities and learned to apply systems theory and complexity thinking to their lives and their leadership initiatives.
  • Initiated and followed through on innovative projects, and developed the skills to plan, manage, and work collaboratively on projects.
  • Mastered contemporary research on leadership as well as personal and social transformation.
  • Engaged in collaborative creativity and participatory leadership and a range of approaches to cultivate generative collaborative skills.
  • Creatively engaged dynamics of power, diversity, and change.

Capstone: Action Project
The Capstone Action project is an exciting opportunity for students to design and execute a project in the world. The Capstone should reflect the student's own interests and goals after graduation. Many capstone projects are a prototype for the next chapter's in the student's life; for example, one student's capstone project on non-violent communication became a successful consulting organization.

Student's Experience

TLD Student ImageI work in the music business and after just one year in the Transformative Leadership program, I'm finding myself relating to my clients on a deeper level and re-evaluating my company's processes, systems, and the outcomes they produce, intended or not. The true gift of this program is a shift in perspective, paradigm, and center-of-power from an individualistic I orientation to an inclusive We outlook. We means that there is no one person or group that has all the answers, it takes all of us to bring about the changes so desperately needed in this day and age. We means a reverence and responsibility for the natural world We all inhabit, a return to our role as stewards of the Earth instead of subjugators. We is bigger than music, business, society, and "the way things are," We is the essence of evolution. And as We evolve with the help of this incredible program, We can transform all of our industries and societal structures, including popular music. 

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