COVID-19 Update from the Program

The Transformative Leadership MA and Transformative Studies PhD have always been online, and some of our faculty have been teaching exclusively online for 25 years. We can proudly say that we probably have more extensive experience with online education than just about any other program in the world.

CIIS's innovative online Transformative Leadership Master of Arts focuses on mobilizing the imagination, creating a vision, developing skills for personal and social transformation, and applying them in the world.

In an era of rapid change and social transformation, contemporary models and myths of life and leadership are crumbling and alternative opportunities are emerging. The Transformative Leadership program mobilizes students' creativity to facilitate personal and social transformation in order to develop novel ways of living, working, and leading. Students find a supportive and stimulating environment where they can explore creative and practical opportunities to reflect on life, work, and leadership. Students can explore and apply insights gained through an engagement with cutting-edge research, and experiential and practical pedagogies in areas such as leadership, creativity, spirituality, and social justice, to support them in and developing valuable skills to make their vision a reality.

The Transformative Leadership Master's program invites students to engage in a profound questioning of the assumptions about what matters most to them, and to address the implications and applications to practice. Reflection and theory are united with practice by focusing on the development of capacities to envision, initiate, and engage in transformative change processes.


Change yourself. Change the World.

As this graphic represents, the Transformative Leadership MA at California Institute of Integral Studies is an online degree that takes 2 years and teaches 36 units


The Fall 2021 Intensive will be held online.

Fall 2021: August 26-29, 2021

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