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Transformative Leadership MA Degree

The Transformative Leadership master's is an online degree designed to be a journey of creative transformation.

Creating Personal and Social Change

You want to create meaningful sustainable change in your life and your world, without replicating the problematic aspects of the present system. We hear you.

Transformative Leadership is about creating and leading our lives. It means being willing to transform, to develop the necessary mindset and skills to become the persons we want to be and bring out the best in others so we can make the world a better place.

The mission of the Transformative Leadership program is to ignite individual and collaborative creativity to create better futures for you and for your communities. Drawing on leading-edge research, the arts, and the great spiritual traditions, the program offers you the opportunity and tools to reflect on what really matters, explore how you can lead a more meaningful life, and develop the skills and wisdom to take action in the world.

Grassroots, Self-Reflective, Collaborative Approach

In our program, you will join a diverse learning community and study with international professors who are leaders in their field and have a broad range of experiences-they are authors, consultants, activists, and innovators.

Our alumni are:

  • entrepreneurs
  • nonprofit executive directors
  • innovators
  • educators
  • consultants

Our expertise in educating and shaping leaders comes not only from years of experience but also from knowing how to keep our edge sharp: by continually innovating and nurturing our own entrepreneurial, creative spirit and cultivating the meaningful contributions of our students, faculty, and supportive alumni networks. CIIS has 25 years of experience offering graduate programs online.

Changing Ourselves, Changing the World

Our program sees its greatest success when our students get in touch with what really matters and has meaning for them, and then go into the world to make their vision a reality.

The MA program in Transformative Leadership offers students opportunities to:

  • Explore new ways of being, relating, knowing, and doing.
  • Reinvent yourself and how you lead your life in a complex world.
  • Develop and articulate your own personal and leadership philosophy.
  • Develop skills in participatory leadership and collaborative creativity.
  • Study transformative movements that work towards liberation, social, and environmental justice.
  • Participate in a rich and supportive online learning community of students and faculty.
  • Begin each semester in a 5-day residency to create and reconnect with faculty and peers.
  • Learn skills and practices that will sustain you through your journey as a transformative leader.
  • Incubate new approaches to leadership in a rapidly changing world.
  • Lead a capstone project that for many is a stepping-stone to a new life path.

Intensive Dates

Fall 2018: August 30 - September 4, 2018

Location: Best Western Lighthouse Hotel, Pacifica, CA 

Welcome Ceremony Begins August 30th @ 5:00pm PT

Closing Ceremony Ends September 4th @ 11:00am PT


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