Program Requirements

The master’s in Transformative Leadership at CIIS is a 36.4-unit online degree program. During the two years of coursework, all students meet in a virtual intensive twice per year, at the beginning of the fall and spring semesters. Participation in all intensives is mandatory.

Capstone Action Project
Throughout the program, you will hone complex and creative ways of being, knowing, relating, and doing. We encourage an evolving leadership philosophy to guide the design and implementation of a personally meaningful Capstone Project.

Our goal for the Capstone Action Project is to seed small changes that become a catalyst for deepening your current career or creating the path to a new one.

View Capstone Action Project title examples from alumni of the program.

Course of Study

Master of Arts in Transformative Leadership (36.4 units total)

Semester 1 | Fall 
TLD 6001 Online Intensive I (.1 units)
TLD 6125 Leadership: Models, Maps, and Metaphors (3 units)
TLD 6130 Ways of Relating: Interpersonal and Group Dynamics (3 units)
TLD 6300 Ways of Knowing: Systems and Metaphors (3 units)
TLD 7996 Integrative Seminar (1 unit)

Semester 2 | Spring 
TLD 6002 Online Intensive II (.1 units)
TLD 6145 Leadership, Pluralism, and Creativity: Diversity in Action (3 units)
TLD 6325 The Leadership Experience: Understanding the Will to Lead (3 units)
TLD 7997 Integrative Seminar (1 unit)

Semester 3 | Fall 
TLD 6003 Online Intensive III (.1 units)
TLD 6349 Creating Communities and Coalitions (3 units)
TLD 6635 Transformative Leadership: Leading Ourselves Among Others (3 units)
TLD 7998 Integrative Seminar (1 unit)

Semester 4 | Spring
TLD 6004 Online Intensive IV (.1 units)
TLD 7999 Capstone: Action Project (3 units)

Electives - 9 units
Electives may be taken from both the Transformative Leadership and Transformative Studies programs. Please review the CIIS Academic Catalog for possible electives.

Curriculum Highlights

TLD 6325 The Leadership Experience: Understanding the Will to Lead (3 units)
The purpose of this course is to learn to become purpose-centered, internally directed, and other focused. The emphasis is on personal development and increasing your will to lead. By changing your thinking and behavior, you become more able to guide others in changing their thinking and behavior. Therefore, this course is designed to help you learn to better live your values and to more effectively exert transformative influence. The centrality of values to systems thinking and practice will be explored.

TLD 6130 Ways of Relating: Interpersonal Collaboration Skills and Group Dynamics (3 units)
This course addresses the fundamental nature of how human beings relate to each other, and how this affects the discourse and practice of leadership and systems change. Students will explore the implications and applications of a plurality of ways of relating. The course focuses on the development of transformative, mutually collaborative capacities in group dynamics and team leadership, and self-understanding in a team context.

TLD 6349 Creating Communities and Coalitions (3 units)
Leaders must be able to inspire, influence, and communicate effectively with others to make their vision a reality. This course addresses the role of communities and coalitions in creating change. Topics covered will include the use of language; creating a vision; inspiration, influence, and creativity; communicating effectively; bringing people together; and setting an agenda for change.

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