Program Overview

CIIS’ two year, online master’s in Transformative Leadership is a non-traditional degree program for creative, passionate, innovative leaders. The program was designed to meet the need for an educational experience that combines personal growth, practical skills, and the ability to dream a desirable future and make it a reality.

In this program, you will focus on formulating a systemic worldview, while emphasizing creativity and personal transformation. Our small, intimate classes provide personalized attention and rich interaction with faculty and fellow students.

The coursework in the Transformative Leadership master’s program invites you to engage in self-exploration around what matters most to you and how you can draw on all of your internal and external resources to lead your life. Through rigorous academic study, deep personal inquiry, and a culminating Capstone Project, the program provides the framework to envision, initiate, and engage in transformative change processes. 

Our unique approach to leadership incorporates a variety of theories, skills and methods. Some of the interconnected concepts, methods, and approaches you will learn in the program include:

Participatory Action Research, Cultural Transformation Theory, Systems & Complexity Theories, Cybernetics, Transformative Leadership Theory. 

Qualitative Research, Psychological Assessments, 360 Feedback, Teamwork and Collaboration, Deep Listening, Futures Thinking. 

Developing a Personal Vision, The Enneagram, Creativity and Imagination, Spirituality and Leadership, The Power of Stories, Addressing Immunity to Change.

Master of Arts in Transformative Leadership

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Career Paths 

Our alumni go on to be passionately engaged in work that manifested as a result of their experience in our program, whether it’s leading a non-profit, teaching in academia, working for environmental or social justice initiatives, or creating their own consulting firm.

Our graduates apply their knowledge in such fields as:

  • Consulting and coaching in various industries
  • Leading non-profit organizations
  • Teaching and administrative positions in academia
  • Research positions (e.g. think-tanks)
  • High-tech industries
  • Broadcasting
  • Municipal government and policy making

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