The 18 unit spiritual counseling certificate provides a foundation to navigate spiritual and existential questions related to meaning and purpose, the nature of reality, and the sacred dimensions of life. The certificate program prepares non-clinical students to serve in these spiritual counseling functions and enables students with clinical backgrounds to broaden their scope and attune to spiritual and religious domains in their work.

Enrolled EWP students can apply for the Spiritual Counseling Certificate. Acceptance will be granted on an individual basis. The certificate can be completed alongside and applied to EWP's MA and PhD programs.

Core Courses (6 units)

  • EWP 7794 Spiritual Counseling Skills 1: The Art of Listening
  • EWP 7795 Spiritual Counseling Skills 2: The Counseling Relationship 

Applied Skills Electives (6 units)

  • EWP 6011 Non-dual Perspectives in Spiritual Counseling
  • EWP 6022 Self, Community, & the World: Relational Ways of Being
  • EWP 6127 Introduction to Dreamwork
  • EWP 6112 Wilderness Rites of Passage
  • EWP 6407Re-store/ying OurSelves, Re-Store/ying OurWorld
  • EWP 6125 Integration of Expanded States of Consciousness
  • EWP 6261 The Psychology of Death and Dying
  • EWP 6130 North American Indigenous Ways of Wisdom and Medicine
  • EWP 7011 Indigenous Traditions: Ancestral Consciousness and Healing
  • EWP 6108 Ecospirituality and Creative Expression: Touching the Sacred Within and Without
  • EWP 6149 Animal Dreams: Visitations from the Wild Psyche
  • EWP 6088 The Song of the Body: Embodied Expressive Arts in the Unfolding of Soul
  • EWP 6320 The Tao of Life Cultivation in Chinese Tradition
  • EWP 6321 How to Cultivate Qi

Applied Wisdom Electives (6 units)

  • EWP 6752 Transpersonal Psychology
  • EWP 6120 Gnosticism: Ancient Insights, Contemporary Applications
  • EWP 6021 Hermeticism: An Earth-Honoring Path of Wisdom, Imagination, and Action
  • EWP 6023 Psyche, Reciprocity, and Earth: Sacred Earth Practices for Living and Resilience
  • EWP 6043 Introduction to Yoga Psychology
  • EWP 6123 Applied Folklore: Retelling Yesterday’s Stories for Today
  • EWP 7311 Jungian Psychology and East-West Spirituality
  • EWP 6046 Jung, Nonduality and Ecopsychology
  • EWP 6245 Archetypal Psychology
  • EWP 6140 Western Mysticism and Esotericism: History and Practice
  • EWP 6681 Wisdom Texts: East and West
  • EWP 6051 Eastern Theories of Self, Mind, and Nature
  • EWP 6124 Chan/Zen Buddhism: Practice through Life and Art
  • EWP 6128 Integral Yoga Psychology
  • EWP 6327 Transformative Themes in the Upanishads
  • EWP 6326 Chinese Body-Mind Healing Systems: An Interdisciplinary Approach
  • EWP 6466 Introduction to Chinese Philosophy and Psychology
  • EWP 6496 Indigenous and Shamanic Traditions

The list of suggested spiritual counseling electives will be given each semester. Students can select electives they feel would be most beneficial to their practice with the approval of the certificate director.

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