Student Union

Student Union is a student-run and student-funded organization supports students' needs by promoting their involvement in all levels of the CIIS community. Each semester Student Union allocates funding to support student participation in international and national conferences, special events for the CIIS community, and to active student groups. Student are encouraged to learn about these opportunities and to become involved in our multiple student groups whose missions serve a diverse field of interests; from astrology, meditation, expressive arts, sacred medicines, to social-oriented groups that support people of color, Latina scholarship and service, LGBT community, and international students.

Every registered student is encouraged to become involved and to attend Student Union monthly meetings. The goal of meetings are to insure accountability of Student Union funding and to create a forum to explore student ideas and concerns aimed to enhance the quality of students' well-being and representation at CIIS.

For more information, please visit MyCIIS Student Affairs tab then select Student Union Link and/or feel free to introduce yourself at

2018 Student Leadership Groups


An Astrology Study Group dedicated to the support and growth of an astrological community of learners at CIIS, fostering an approach to the discipline of astrology which is creative, imaginative, and intellectually rigorous. All knowledge and skill levels are welcomed in our topic-based approach, which emphasizes peer learning and mentoring. This will be a great way to connect with students of astrology at CIIS and access resources to further your studies.

Contact: Brian Honeycutt

BREATHE Pantry Student Group

BREATHE Pantry Student Group is an opportunity to connect with and serve our CIIS/ACTCM community through the recognition of food insecurity on campus and its related hardships, as well as providing space for the celebration of nutritional exchange. The goal of the group is to enlist participation through communal upkeep of spaces and the solicitation of donations as well as the planning and sponsoring of events offering resources and conversations throughout the year on a variety of food related topics. This student group seeks to engage students, staff, faculty and our broader CIIS/ACTCM communities in a collective effort to support and thrive in the Bay Area and beyond!

Contact: Tiffany Konyen

Impact @ CIIS

Offer CIIS students the intellectual and peer support to tackle impact-oriented projects. Create a community of social entrepreneurs. Connect to the larger innovation community of the Bay Area.

Regularly scheduled meeting every 2 weeks. Meetings involve "check ins" where students provide updates on their projects and ideas, "pitch" where students share an idea they would like more support for, "workshops" where important business skills are shared in a peer­learning format. Generally our meeting is followed by an informal social gathering off campus.

Contact: Aliss Wang

Older Student Meet-up

Contact: Laurie Richardson 

Spiritual Emergence

We are a group of people who experience and/or are interested in generating awareness, discussion and integration of spiritual emergence and other extraordinary experiences/phenomena in the CIIS and community. Our hope is to give voice to and empower people's psychological and spiritual experiences that have been marginalized, pathologized, silenced, and/or oppressed.

Contact: Michelle Boyle

Student Study Group

It is a group in which we support each other in working efficiently. People who come share that they get help overcoming procrastination and that it is a more fun way, to work together. To be part of the group is a good way to build community and at the same time gets lots done. We use a structure where we work in 45-minute sprints and have breaks where in between where move and rejuvenate. Part of the structure is accountability where we support each others success. The best way to understand it is to try. The group is inspired by the international Hoffice movement which you can read more about on

Contact: Gustav Elmberger

Salsa and Bachata

Love to dance? Want to practice your salsa and bachata skills within the familiarity of the CIIS community? Join us for a fun and experiential opportunity to enjoy dance and get to know your fellow CIIS community members!

All skill levels welcome. 

Contact: Samatha Ryder and Laurel Elliott

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