• January 26, 2021
  • 7:00 pm
  • Online
    (U.S. Pacific Time)
Add to Calendar 01/26/2021 7:00 pm 01/26/2021 America/Los_Angeles On Shamanic Tools for Reclaiming Wholeness in a Culture of Trauma Join Maryam Hasnaa for a deep conversation exploring how we can address the root of past trauma and heartbreak to reclaim our personal and collective power. Online
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This live online conversation was recorded on our CIIS Public Programs YouTube Channel. ASL Interpretation was provided during the live online conversation. It is also available on our podcast.

To create a world free from oppression, we have to come face to face with the beliefs, stories, and actions that maintain these systems within ourselves. In Indigenous cultures throughout the world, it's understood that true transformation starts in the body, with a change of heart. But how can we create a new story of transformation and liberation in the world if we haven't learned to heal our own stories? How can we change the hearts of others when we haven’t changed our own?

Join author and shamanic healer Langston Kahn and energy worker and spiritual practitioner Maryam Hasnaa for a deep conversation exploring how we can address the root of past trauma and heartbreak to reclaim our personal and collective power. Langston shares insights from his latest book Deep Liberation, which bridges the shamanic world of ancient spirituality with the needs and demands of modern-life. Through radically transforming the fear-based stories we each hold—from traumatic experiences and oppression to habitual emotional patterns—we can cultivate deep grounding within ourselves and nurture our communities.  

Please note that this conversation will be hosted live online and includes an audience Q&A. Instructions on how to join the conversation will be included in your event confirmation email. If you need additional assistance finding or joining the event, please email publicprograms@ciis.edu.

Langston Kahn 
Langston Kahn is a shamanic practitioner and teacher specializing in radical human transformation, ancestral healing, and the restoration of an authentic relationship with our emotions. He stands firmly at the crossroads, his practice informed by somatic modalities, contemporary shamanic traditions, initiations into traditions of the African Diaspora, training with Indigenous elders and his helping spirits and ancestors weaving it all together. 

Langston gives workshops and lectures globally in person and online and is the author of Deep Liberation: Shamanic Teachings for Reclaiming Wholeness in a Culture of TraumaHe serves as a senior teacher for the Last Mask Community, a collective of people striving to live in alignment with ancient shamanic principles and applying them. 

Maryam Hasnaa
Maryam Hasnaa was raised by two parents who are spiritual teachers and has been immersed in a world of mysticism, ceremony, and celebration since before she was born. An initiated Priestess, Energy Worker, Medicine Woman, and Flower Practitioner, she has found her calling in offering training and mentorship for those with the trait of high sensitivity. Maryam uses her own highly sensitive gifts to remind other beings of the energetic nature of this universe. She has learned the importance of living in alignment with one’s intuition and most authentic self. Maryam has synthesized ancient teachings along with cutting edge information to create a unique system of healing for those on the path of Liberation. This is done in a way that will awaken wholeness and create deep transformation. Through shining her light so brightly her intention is that others will see themselves reflected and do the same.

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