• April 14, 2021
  • 7:00 pm
  • Online (U.S. Pacific Time)
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While the global pandemic and politics largely dominated the headlines last year, the mounting climate crisis and our role in it has recently reemerged in our daily news reports. In times of crisis—especially now with multiple crises all at once—it is easy to feel overwhelmed with despair. As the climate changes, many therapists have been helping patients with a relatively new diagnosis that has a variety of names: eco-anxiety, climate anxiety, climate despair, eco-despair, and eco-grief.

No matter what you call it, many of us are feeling the same things and asking ourselves, and each other the same question. With ecosystems failing all over the planet, is there any reason for hope?

Join author and CIIS professor Craig Chalquist and psychotherapist and ecotherapist Linda Buzzell for an inspiring conversation about tackling our climate anxiety by cultivating eco-resilience. Craig shares ideas to help us personally and collectively adapt to a changing earth with a focus on enchantivism, which refers to stories that may begin in chaos but then take us into inspiration.

What can imagination and wonder do for us in dark times? Can folklore and myth remind us of and strengthen our connection to nature, place, and planet? Craig provides containers like storytelling, utilizing fantasy, fiction, vision, and dreams in tandem with tangible methods to offer tools to combat eco-anxiety.

With these magical and practical tools in mind, we can begin to heal from our eco-anxiety, and move down the path to eco-resilience. 

Craig Chalquist

Craig Chalquist, PhD is core faculty in East-West Psychology at California Institute of Integral Studies and former Associate Provost of Pacifica Graduate Institute. Craig is the author of Myths Among Us: When Timeless Tales Return to LifeTerrapsychological Inquiry: Restorying Our Relationship to Nature, Place, and Planet, and several other books at the intersection of psyche, story, nature, and dream. Visit Craig’s website at Chalquist.com.

Linda Buzzell
Psychotherapist and ecotherapist Linda Buzzell is co-editor with Craig Chalquist of Ecotherapy: Healing with Nature in Mind (Sierra Club Books 2009), now a core text in clinical ecopsychology. Recent articles they have written include "20 Principles of Personal and Cultural Resilience" for Communities magazine and "It's Not Eco-Anxiety, It's Eco-Fear: A Survey of the Eco-Emotions." Linda is on the Editorial Board of Ecopsychology, the peer-reviewed journal in the field, and is Adjunct Faculty at Pacifica Graduate Institute, where she teaches ecotherapy. She is co-host of “Ecopsychology Voices,” the ongoing video interview series produced by the Canadian Ecopsychology Network, and co-administrator of the 10,000 member Ecopsychology Facebook group. She has written over 75 blog posts on ecopsychology and ecotherapy for The Huffington Post. In 2006 she received her Permaculture Design Certificate and with her husband has created a backyard food forest around her home that serves as her ecotherapy office.

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