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Blue Sky Leaders Certificate Program


Conscious Leadership for Critical Times

Embodying evolutionary wisdom for the modern world.

About the Program

  • The Blue Sky Leaders Certificate Program aims to foster personal transformation, nurture global consciousness, and catalyze creative impact. Our mission is to cultivate leaders who are not only adept professionals, but also visionaries capable of harnessing their expanded consciousness to effect positive, sustainable change in the world.

  • Unlike traditional leadership programs that focus mainly on professional skill development, the Blue Sky Leaders Certificate Program blends personal transformation and self-awareness with cutting-edge neuroscience, new cosmology, contemplative practice, and transformative leadership principles. This innovative approach enables leaders to step beyond conventional boundaries and respond creatively and effectively to the unique challenges of our time.

  • Our curriculum covers an expansive and multi-disciplinary range of topics including transformative leadership; evolutionary cosmology and the new universe story; cognitive neuroscience; a unique, empirically supported blend of contemplative and positive psychology practices; existential, transpersonal, and Jungian psychologies; trauma; working with diversity; ecopsychology; consciousness development and leadership in the context of AI and radically disruptive technological innovation; emerging ecological, economic, and other paradigms for social transformation; world wisdom and spiritual traditions; and the evolution of consciousness.

Eligibility and Participation

  • The program is designed for visionary leaders, influencers, creatives, and professionals from diverse fields who are ready to challenge the status quo and pioneer new ways of knowing, living, and working. Our participants aren't simply looking for job training or a certificate; they seek deep personal transformation, expanded consciousness, and the opportunity to positively influence our shared global future.

  • The Blue Sky Leaders Certificate Program is ideal for forward-thinking individuals from a range of professional backgrounds who are not afraid to challenge their beliefs or be vulnerable. Whether you're in technology, business, the arts, education or other fields, if you seek a profound personal transformation aligned with your professional life, this program is for you.

  • The ideal size for a cohort in our program is 25 students. We have found this to be the optimal size to ensure that every participant has ample opportunity for personal attention, peer interaction, and experiential learning. However, we can accommodate up to a maximum of 30 students per cohort to make the program accessible to a broader range of individuals without compromising the quality of the learning experience. Our focus is on maintaining a learning environment that fosters active participation, personalized guidance, and the building of a strong, supportive peer network.

Program Structure and Commitment

  • The program runs for 11 months and offers a mix of online and in-person sessions. Blue Sky Leaders engage in a wide array of seminars, workshops, discussion panels, and community-building activities. In addition, the program includes five residencies set in the natural beauty of the San Francisco Bay area, culminating in a final capstone project designed to address current global challenges.

  • The Blue Sky Leaders Certificate Program is designed with a mix of in-person residencies and online sessions. The experiential residencies take place at Asilomar Conference Grounds, an idyllic resort set in the natural beauty of the San Francisco Bay Area, and are interspersed with online sessions every other month. The dates for the residencies and online sessions for the upcoming cohort will be announced soon.

    Instructors and topics for these residencies will be announced as the program approaches. Detailed information regarding the location and logistics of the residencies will be shared with enrolled participants well in advance.

  • The Blue Sky Leaders Certificate Program runs for 11 months and includes a combination of in-person and online sessions, workshops, seminars, discussion panels, and community-building activities. Participants are also required to attend five long-weekend residencies in the San Francisco Bay area. The time commitment can vary depending on the individual's pace of learning and engagement, but it's designed to be manageable alongside professional commitments.

  • The program incorporates both in-person and online sessions, offering a flexible and interactive learning environment. However, there are five long-weekend residencies set in the San Francisco Bay Area, which require physical attendance for the immersive and transformative experiences they offer.

Curriculum Highlights

  • Consciousness and spirituality form the backbone of the Blue Sky Leaders Certificate Program. We believe that expanded consciousness and spiritual growth are essential for the new transformative leadership that our world requires in these times. Our curriculum integrates these elements with cutting-edge scientific, philosophical, and leadership perspectives to foster an expanded worldview, deeper self-understanding, and practical, grounded embodiment of insight.

  • Transcendence in the Blue Sky Leaders Certificate Program refers to the process of moving beyond one's current state of consciousness and self-understanding to a more expanded perspective. Using a highly experiential approach, we explore the nature of self, the interconnectedness of all beings, and our role in the cosmos. The program incorporates transcendence through contemplative practices, new cosmology teachings, cognitive neuroscientific work, and transformative leadership principles.

  • The capstone team project is an opportunity for participants to apply their expanded consciousness and newly-acquired insights to real-world challenges. The goal is to design scalable solutions that contribute to healing and thriving for all in the broader community. It's a practical and collaborative culmination of the transformative journey undergone during the program, emphasizing the vision of enlightened, impactful leadership.

Outcomes and Support

  • Graduates of the Blue Sky Leaders Certificate Program are empowered to co-create a more enlightened, resilient world, contributing positively to individual and collective well-being, and stimulating healing and meaningful change in the contexts that matter to them most.  Graduates of the program receive Blue Sky Leader certification and exclusive membership in the Blue Sky Leaders community network.

  • Blue Sky Leaders will work regularly with three dedicated facilitators, each of whom will assist with different dimensions of the learning experience. In addition, they will have access to consciousness leaders and a community of professionals committed to fundamental well-being. Graduates of the Blue Sky Leaders Certificate Program will become members of the highly interactive, resource-rich Blue Sky Leaders community network of practitioners and visionaries.

Registration and Financing

  • The next cohort for the Blue Sky Leaders Certificate Program begins in January 2025.

  • We recognize that Blue Sky Leaders have limited time, interest, or capacity for dealing with bureaucracy that often comes with a traditional application process. Therefore, we have a “concierge” process that streamlines getting you the information you need.

    For more information or to apply, contact Bruce Alderman at

  • Absolutely. We firmly believe that financial constraints should not limit the pursuit of leadership development and growth. The Blue Sky Leaders Certificate Program offers scholarships to individuals with financial need who can make a significant contribution to the learning community. For more information, please refer to our scholarship application guidelines or contact our program support team.