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Blue Sky Leaders Certificate Program


Conscious Leadership for Critical Times

Embodying evolutionary wisdom for the modern world.

The Blue Sky Leaders Certificate Program cultivates a new breed of leader, grounded in the convergence of personal transformation, global consciousness, and creative impact. This dynamic program transcends the limitations of traditional leadership training, fusing cutting-edge neuroscience, new cosmology, contemplative practice, and transformative leadership principles into a rich blend of learning and exploration. Designed for professionals, educators, and creatives ready to embrace their role in the critical historical moment we inhabit, with the multiple global challenges that confront us, the Blue Sky Leaders Certificate Program emerges as a beacon for those seeking to contribute positively to our shared global future.

Blue Sky Leaders dare to lead differently. They are not just visionaries but evolutionary agents, leveraging expanded consciousness for sustainable global impact. These innovators from diverse professional fields are not looking for job training or a mere certificate; they seek to merge a profound personal 'why' with the 'what', 'how', and 'who' of their professional lives. The program therefore serves as a catalyzing platform for those who are willing to leave behind the outdated habits of the past and step into a future of enhanced self-awareness, transformative agency, generative co-intelligence, and fundamental well-being.

This program is a journey into the unknown, an invitation to live on the edge of mystery, and a platform for individuals to explore their deepest potential within a thriving and supportive community. Spanning ten months with a mix of online and in-person sessions, and incorporating a 60-day programmatic training in meditation and contemplative practice, the program offers a rich tapestry of workshops, seminars, discussion panels, and community-building activities. With five experiential residencies set in the natural beauty of the San Francisco Bay area, participants are guided to co-create a world where leadership aligns with inner truth, expansive awareness, ethical rigor, and integral vision. It's an experience that goes beyond personal and professional growth, inviting exploration into the collective enactment of a wisdom culture, and ultimately culminating in each leader developing a capstone project aimed at re-visioning themselves and their roles in the world. The Blue Sky Leaders Program beckons those ready to embark on a transformative journey, marking a new era of leadership for a thriving, just, and interconnected world.

This is an 11-month program. The next cohort begins in January 2025.

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