Department Overview

The Department of Undergraduate Psychology at CIIS allows students to complete their bachelor degree studies with a major in psychology in three semesters.

Our social justice-oriented program provides an in-depth understanding of an integral approach to psychology through experiential learning. We ask students to situate themselves, or consider who they are in relation to texts, materials, and subject matter they encounter in their studies. Our program welcomes a diverse student body and offers a variety of scholarships to supplement educational costs.

Our graduates go on to make a difference in their communities by furthering their education by advancing to a master’s program or by going directly into careers in a wide variety of fields, such as: community organizing, case work, education, public relations, human resources, and public administration.

Our department’s faculty facilitates students' learning and brings in a variety of disciplinary perspectives. Faculty are actively engaged in their research interests, including: transpersonal, depth, and somatic psychologies, transformative teaching and learning, neurodiversity, social nervous system, healing and social change. Our graduates go on to make a difference in their communities as research analysts, human resources professionals, case workers, and further academic scholars.

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Our Approach

As the only science degree at CIIS, our B.S. in Psychology provides the opportunity to focus on the scientific aspects of the field, including neurobiology, cognition, trauma, and consciousness. Additionally, our program fosters a global perspective by critically engaging both western and non-western perspectives in psychological frameworks and practices.

Throughout the program, our aim is to build upon the coursework through our primary values of community, critical thinking, and developing academic communication skills.

For the three-semester sequence, you’ll remain with the same group of students in a cohort model which allows for the building of relationships and a creative, communal space to explore an integral approach to psychology.

The curriculum combines academic rigor and self exploration that centers the meaningful issues in your life. The degree culminates in a final project that involves interpreting and organizing information and quantitatively analyzing psychological data around a specific subject of your choosing.

How to Apply

Application opening dates

Apply for Spring 2023 starting September 15, 2022. (See list of programs admitting for spring.)

Apply for Fall 2023 starting November 15, 2022. (All programs accept fall applications.)

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