Corina Ray Bogart, MA

MA Graduate
Philosophy, Cosmology, and Consciousness

I came to PCC to quench my existential thirst, to develop my intellect, to transcend my ontological paradigm, and know consciousness from deeper levels of understanding. Surprisingly, I quickly found myself plunging into my own process of psychospiritual healing and transformation. I learned firsthand, that one who peers into the curiosities of the universe, simultaneously opens themselves to their mystery. PCC not only provides a fecund environment for transdisciplinary studies, but a container for one to intimately know, to be the knower, and the known. My continued process led to a desire to share with others and support them in their own journey as PCC supported me. Currently, I lead people in their own deep exploration with insights in archetypal astrology, ritual, and fractal cosmic consciousness. You can explore my work at

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