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A growing consensus of scientists, scholars, and visionaries now recognize that the Earth community is facing an unprecedented evolutionary challenge. The ecological, political, and spiritual crisis of late modernity calls for a fundamental reorientation of our civilization, including a transformation of both our institutions and our own consciousness. Cultural historian Thomas Berry has called this task, "the Great Work."

CIIS’ Philosophy, Cosmology, and Consciousness Ph.D. program has been designed to help shape the intellectual, moral, and spiritual leadership necessary for meeting historic global challenges.

Drawing upon some of the most powerful ideas and impulses of our philosophical, scientific, and religious traditions, our faculty has constructed an intensive multidisciplinary course of study to help accelerate students' journeys into their leadership roles.

Doctor of Philosophy and Religion with a concentration in Philosophy, Cosmology, and Consciousness

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Career Paths

The Ph.D. in Philosophy, Cosmology, and Consciousness is a research doctorate designed to prepare candidates to take leadership roles in addressing key philosophical challenges, questions, and issues of our time.

As a transdisciplinary program, our graduates pursue a wide variety of philosophical, ecological, and humanitarian paths, projects, and vocations. Alumni of the program are actively involved in diverse professional areas, such as:

  • Teaching, writing, and scholarly publication
  • Leading and facilitating programs for cultural, spiritual, and personal transformation
  • Crearting, producing, and developing new media and engaged arts projects
  • Organizing, advocacy, and policy advancement
  • Reimagining and renewing a variety of professional fields (e.g., education, religion, medicine, technology, the arts, finance)
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