Lindsey Greer Sikes  CIIS MFA Program Lindsey Sikes

Performance Artist

Lindsey Greer Sikes is an immersive performance artist whose work explores and reflects upon her personal experiences and struggles with gender expectations, sizeism (after losing 250lbs), identity, and healing.  Her intention is to use theatrical conventions and social rituals to craft happenings which invite the participants into a personal experience of the artist. The audience is challenged to engage with the moment so that they may have a deeply personal experience through a lens not their own. Therapeutic and educational practices are integrated into the happenings in order to facilitate reflection in a communal, performative, and sometimes ritualistic setting.  Though the ultimate intention is to inspire compassion, interaction, and social action through immersive artistic experiences, the artist believes that reflection on the individual's experience is the primary creative focus.  She believes that too many are lost, too many of us have wandered from ourselves, and art can bring us home.

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