Andrea Lynn Andreaa Lynn


I write to explore what's on the inside; to liberate trapped memories and memorialize recollections willing to surrender to the softening of time.

The training and temperament of a journalist, I use my experience to explore the porous nature of human memory. My short stories and essays tease out the concept of time within recollections, alchemizing repressive narratives of alienation and dislocation into stories of shared bonds and new beginnings. Inhibition plays protagonist in my prose; I explore it as the compelling characteristic in those brought up in punitive ideologies. I interrogate judgment through a close lens and consider how it is rooted in evolutionary survival. I research environments within which individuals rise above the "us-them" consciousness and seek equality. I write about becoming aware of differences, and in doing so, becoming a better version of self.
I use imagery for exploration to build storylines. Photography is forever an allure. Images are often the foundations that bring words into being.

Music is the ribbon I interlace throughout my work; in whatever form, it is a ubiquitous force binding us all together. I listen for Earth's song as I write. I observe and record influences within religious ideologies that claim dominion over, instead of communion with nature. I write to chronicle a disappearing nature. My observations of nature's gifts are my attempt to hold still within it for a moment, to capture and celebrate what exists before transformations render it unrecognizable.

I pursue the art of the written word. What's its shape? How does it feel? I write to unpack issues around which I hope conversations will grow and flourish; I would like to inject the world with a dose of empathy.

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