As part of the Integrative Health Studies master’s curriculum at CIIS, graduates also earn three Certificates in: Transformative Imagery, Patient Navigation, and Health Coaching.

These specialized trainings provide graduates with a multifaceted knowledge base and additional edge to set them apart in the field.

Transformative Imagery Certificate

Guided imagery is a gentle process of accessing clarity by exploring images that arise naturally from within. A compelling and extensive body of research connected to the field of psychoneuroimmunology has shown that our mind’s conscious and unconscious images have a direct impact on our physiology.

At CIIS, we aim to harness this growing body of research to help patients find alternative approaches that support their physical and mental transformation.

In this course, students learn to provide an interactive style of imagery facilitation that incorporates elements of the mind, body, emotions, and spirit. Through experiential exercises and study of contemporary research, students gain the expertise to lead patients through guided imagery exercises applied to a variety of health and lifestyle concerns.

The Certificate in Transformative Imagery is awarded by Integrative Health Studies faculty and Chair upon completion of the Transformative Imagery course.

Patient Navigation Certificate

The American healthcare system is a complex web of healthcare providers, insurance companies, and third parties that can cause added stress on a person needing a higher level of care. 

The Patient Navigation certificate provides our health coaches with specialized training to help patients obtain clinical and community services, understand and obtain maximum benefit from third party payers and affordable care exchanges, navigate the confusing and fragmented U.S. healthcare system, and more.

Students who complete the course leave with the skills and expertise to assist patients in understanding and benefiting from the complex system.

The Certificate in Patient Navigation is awarded by the Integrative Health Studies Adjunct and Chair upon completion of the Patient Navigation course.

Health Coaching Certificate 

All graduates of Integrative Health are awarded the certificate by the Chair and Provost upon completion of the coaching competencies and earning a Master of Arts in Integrative Health Studies. 

Alternatively, students may request a certificate upon completion of the coaching courses to submit among their requirements for taking the exam with the NBHWC.

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